Little People, Big World’s Audrey Roloff is no stranger to social media and wasn’t shy about sharing her controversial thoughts on birth control.

After a cryptic Instagram post about birth control, Audrey Roloff has Little People, Big World fans confused. The proud mother of three often details her marriage, personal life, and the ups and downs of parenting with her followers through social media. However, her open and honest demeanor regarding her life behind the scenes has left her open to criticism.

Little People, Big World’s Audrey Roloff is used to living her life in front of the cameras with an audience. The 31-year-old was immersed in reality TV stardom when she married her husband, Jeremy Roloff, who grew up having his childhood televised on Little People, Big World. The show focused on his parents, Matt and Amy Roloff, and the challenges they faced in parenthood, marriage, and running their business. Now the reality series has expanded, chronicling the lives of not only Matt and Amy’s four children but their spouses and their grandchildren. Learning to live life in the spotlight has been an adjustment for Audrey, but she is embracing the attention her life has gotten and doesn’t shy away from the praise or scrutiny.

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Audrey Roloff Has Fans Talking

Audrey Roloff From Little People, Big World

The reality star often interacts with fans on her Instagram account, opening the door for discussions and getting candid about her life outside of Little People, Big World. At one point, Audrey thought about breaking away from social media for a while but decided against it. Her down-to-earth attitude and consistent engagement with her followers bring about a lot of questions ranging from innocent queries to wanting to know personal details. This was no exception when Audrey posted the following question she received on her Instagram account, “what form of birth control do you use?

She shared her answer on her Instagram Story, only replying with emojis. This prompted Reddit user u/eva_belly to start a Reddit thread trying to figure out what Audrey’s response meant and asked other Reddit users, “Does this mean she doesn’t take birth control?” Attempting to decipher Audrey’s response got Little People, Big World fans talking about her possible plans for the future. A Reddit user commented on the thread, “All of her kids are about 2 years apart – she probably wants to have another soon.”

LPBW Fans Think Audrey Is Attention-Seeking

Fans criticized Audrey’s post, claiming that by responding, she was only looking for attention. Since the question that was posed to her was very personal, she could have chosen not to respond at all, but instead, she replied with a cryptic and vague answer. Another Little People, Big World fan commented on the situation and Audrey’s behavior, writing, “She didn’t have to answer if she thought it was too personal of a question to ask. Her response is purely attention-seeking.” Audrey frequently puts all her cards out on the table in terms of her private life, but this was a topic she didn’t want to give a clear-cut answer to.

While some fans think Audrey is exhausting, other Little People, Big World fans respect her need for boundaries. Audrey’s answer was funny given the context of the situation. Another Reddit user commented on the thread, saying, “I took it to mean that having a baby that little is their birth control. She was asked a totally inappropriate question, and it’s a humorous way to answer without having to actually answer.”

Whether Audrey was trying to connect with her followers without being rude or if she was intentionally drumming up drama remains to be seen. Audrey and Jeremy haven’t detailed their plans about continuing to extend their family, but for now, the Little People, Big World stars seem perfectly happy and content with how their life is. Despite the criticism, Audrey shares her hardest moments, as well as the highlights and picture-perfect moments of her life.

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