Director Judd Apatow explains why he isn’t traumatized watching his daughter Maude in the hit TV series Euphoria, where she plays Lexi.

Judd Apatow reveals he is not traumatized watching his daughter Maude in Euphoria. Maude Apatow plays Lexi Howard in the show, Cassie’s younger sister and Rue’s friend since childhood. Euphoria season 2 saw Lexi come into her own, creating a play based on her experiences and those of her classmates.

While hosting the Directors Guild of America Awards, Judd Apatow spoke with PEOPLE about the HBO show. Despite Euphoria containing some extremely dark endings and risqué content, Apatow said he isn’t “traumatized” by seeing his daughter in it for one key reason. He explained:

I can watch it. I love it. I’m not traumatized because I’ve read the scripts.

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Maude Apatow as Lexi leaning against couch in Euphoria

Part of the reason Apatow isn’t rattled by watching his daughter in Euphoria is likely to do with the family’s history in the industry. The filmmaker has worked with both Maude and her sister Iris on various projects over the years such as Knocked Up and This Is 40. Their mother, actress Leslie Mann, has also starred alongside her daughters in those films and others, making them very much a family affair.

As such, it makes sense that Apatow is comfortable watching Maude in Euphoria, as he’s incredibly used to seeing family members on screen. Knowing what’s coming thanks to the scripts is an added help. It’s clear Apatow’s position as a proud dad outweighs any awkwardness he could feel about the show’s often graphic content. In past interviews, he’s admitted Euphoria season 2 “left me in a puddle” and has continually expressed admiration for his daughter’s work on the series.

While Euphoria season 3’s release is likely a ways off, Maude Apatow has dropped hints about the upcoming storyline, specifically, the trajectory of Lexi’s relationship with Fez. Though their dynamic has not been properly explored yet and was left incomplete in season 2, the actress has suggested there is more to come for the two in the upcoming season. Based on his past comments about Euphoria, Judd Apatow will continue to support his daughter’s work on the series in season 3.

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