It was a shock to viewers when Haley Dunphy and Andy Bailey broke up on Modern Family. After Andy was hired by Haley’s family member as a nanny, the two spent months getting to know each other and eventually became close friends. When romantic feelings between the two developed, they had to put their friendship on pause because Andy was engaged to someone else. This all changed, however, when their feelings for each other were stronger than Andy’s feelings for his fiancée.


Andy eventually called it quits with his fiancée and focused on Haley as the new woman in his life. Things were rocky at first since he wanted to take things slow, but slow was good for Haley since she was used to boyfriends who wanted the complete opposite. Andy helped Haley with her job, and Haley prepped Andy to work for her dad, Phil. Andy had a lot of parallels to Haley’s father, making their dynamic all the more interesting. He was also brighter and more engaging than Haley’s former boyfriends. But as perfect as these two were, they couldn’t make it work.

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Haley & Andy Broke Up Because Of A Job Opportunity

Haley and Andy embrace in a kiss on Modern Family

In Modern Family season 7, episode 22, “Double Click,” Haley overheard a phone call that would change her relationship with Andy. He was offered a dream real estate job in his hometown back in Utah, but he quickly turned it down because he was so in love with Haley. Knowing how badly Andy wanted a job in real estate, Haley knew she couldn’t keep him from his dream, especially when she wasn’t sure how serious their relationship was or where they’d end up. Since Haley’s final romance ruined her character, her breakup with Andy is seen as one of the most regrettable. He soon left California for a new start in Utah.

When Andy left for Utah, Haley didn’t bounce back from heartbreak the way she did in the past. When she was at the airport seeing Andy off, she told him that he was the first man she ever loved, and that proved true by her actions post-breakup. Andy didn’t come back into her life until a brief cameo in Modern Family season 9, episode 21, “The Escape,” when Haley fainted and the hospital called her emergency contact: Andy. The cameo, however, did not lead to a reconciliation.

Haley & Andy Wouldn’t Have Worked Out Had He Stayed

All of Haley's exes visit her in the hospital on Modern Family

With the events of Modern Family being part of a documentary, Haley would be able to see all the great loves of her life since she was a teenager, and the two biggest ones were Andy and Dylan. Haley and Dylan were on and off since high school, so it was consistent for Haley’s character to go back to him when she and Andy ended. Because of her history with Dylan, a long-term relationship with Andy may have never happened. With Dylan always being a part of her life on Modern Family, Haley and Andy would have never stood a chance.

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