Full House‘s titular house is iconic, but its two staircases simply never made any sense. Being a goofy sitcom, Full House never had to worry too much about things like strict continuity or a complex overarching narrative. However, one odd detail persistently appears throughout the early seasons of Full House, one fans are still scratching their heads over to this day.

Full House is one of the most beloved sitcoms of the 1980s and 1990s, with the series still being incredibly culturally relevant to this day. Full House is endlessly quotable, with the series’ many memorable storylines and characters causing the series to be a favorite of multiple generations of viewers. The series is so popular that it even has a modern reboot called Fuller House, showing how much the series has cemented itself into the pop culture ethos. As a result of its pop culture status, various aspects of the show have been dissected by fans, with one particular element being the presence of two staircases in the main characters’ home.


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Full House’s Dual Staircase Plot Hole Is Confusing

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In Full House, the Tanners have two staircases on their bottom floor. One staircase can be seen in the living room, with it angling around and leading to an upstairs hall. The second staircase can be seen in the kitchen, with it mysteriously disappearing behind a wall after just a few steps. Having two staircases in one house is odd enough, but it gets even more confusing. Since they’re both staircases, they obviously lead upstairs. However, the Tanners’ San Francisco house only has one staircase that can be seen upstairs, which just makes no sense.

No matter which staircase the characters go up, they always end up at the same point upstairs. However, when they come downstairs, they can exit either staircase. This leads to some interesting theories. It’s possible that both staircases connect at a point, explaining why they lead to the same place. However, both staircases face the same direction and are on opposite corners of the house. Connecting the two would be needlessly complicated, and it is doubtful that any architect would make this confusing mess of a staircase.

Full House’s Layout Has Other Problems (Not Just The Staircase)

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The home in Full House and Fuller House is obviously a set, explaining why the layout is so unusual. However, the in-universe house clearly has some problems besides just the staircase. From the exterior of the house, it appears that the building doesn’t have an attic. This contradicts the series itself, as Becky and Jesse live in the surprisingly spacious attic shown multiple times throughout the series.

Another weird detail can be observed in scenes set in the living room. Despite constantly having large groups of people over, the room only has a sofa and two chairs, leading to people frequently just standing. Also, the house has no driveway despite multiple drivers living there. Although there is a garage, Joey moves into it in Full House season 1, meaning that everyone has to just park on the street. While the Full House set is undeniably iconic, it undoubtedly has some problems, with the two staircases standing out as the most glaring example.

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