Over the course of 16 Married at First Sight seasons, experts Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Cal Roberson have been constants, and fans are ready for a refresh. With a handful of other experts appearing in past seasons, Dr. Pepper and Pastor Cal’s consistency has made the show stale, rather than stable. As the dynamic of the series changes, and the reality TV world becomes more saturated, MAFS fans are ready for new faces on the program.

As the show got more popular, Married at First Sight cast members became more aware of the series, and of the experts and their counseling techniques. Married at First Sight seasons 14 and 15 saw cast members call out the experts for their mishandling of situations. Fans took notice, mirroring the cast members’ dissatisfaction. Viewers have taken to the Internet to call for a whole new set of experts going forward.


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Why Married At First Sight Fans Are Fed Up

On a recent Reddit thread started by yungfellow86, fans slammed Pastor Cal for his mishandling of Married at First Sight season 16 cast members Domynique Kloss and Mackinley Gilbert. Reddit user @Snoo97809 said Pastor Cal was, “hella scary and toxic,” as well as, “super misogynistic.” Fans claim Pastor Cal gaslights couples who say they aren’t happy with their matches. Using season 12’s Paige Banks’, “dangerous” marriage to Married at First Sight villain Chris Williams as an example, @Snoo97809 wrote that the experts, “brush off their concerns and try to manipulate them into feeling like they’re crazy.”

What Married At First Sight Fans Want

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Numerous fans have stated that they stopped watching the show because of the poor matches, and the experts’ inability to take responsibility for mismatched couples. Reddit user @Educational-Milk3075 wrote about Pastor Cal, “He needs to come out of the Middle Ages. What TLC needs is a younger, hip REAL relationship expert!.” Several fans commented that the experts, especially Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper, have completely checked out of the show. Bringing in some younger, fresher perspectives may draw fans back to the show.

As more seasons air, the difference in the quality of the experts’ counseling sessions (and their advice for Married at First Sight couples) is noticeable. It lends credence to the fans’ claims that they are ambivalent about the experts, and validates viewers’ desire for new faces on the show. Matches have become more troubled and problematic, and the show’s dynamic is an issue. Couples are put together so often that drama crops up, even when it shouldn’t. Rather than being focused on individuals searching for long-lasting marriages, Married at First Sight is now focused on how to spin drama for higher ratings.

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