Taylor Hale is one of the most popular Big Brother contestants ever, but it’s unlikely that she will decide to compete on the show again. Taylor entered 2022’s BB 24 as a stylist and former Miss Michigan USA. She ultimately won the season (and the $750,000 prize), becoming the first Black woman to win the traditional version of Big Brother. She also became the first winner to be crowned America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Despite her successes on the season, Big Brother‘s Taylor Hale didn’t have the greatest experience in the house. Early on, she was shunned, ostracized, and bullied by several of her fellow houseguests. The mistreatment she faced was very emotionally distressing for her, and led to criticism of the show. Producers may not have properly supported the mental health of BB contestants. Taylor also had to deal with fallout from a controversy, in which a white contestant made unfounded allegations. They claimed Taylor and the other contestants of color were part of a race-based alliance.


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Taylor Hale Might Be Done With Reality TV

Taylor’s Big Brother experiences were so traumatic that it’s unlikely she will choose to compete on a reality television show again. Though she will certainly be invited back for future Big Brother seasons, and is most likely receiving inquiries for other reality competition shows, Taylor made a statement on Twitter. It suggests that her reality television days are behind her: “I know a lot of you want to see me back on your TVs – and you will – but let’s be clear: I will never participate in something that requires my pain, suffering, or trauma for public consumption ever again.” She punctuated the announcement by stating, simply, “I’ve paid my dues.”

Taylor Hale Has Nothing To Prove

Big Brother 24's Taylor Hale wearing glasses

Although Taylor didn’t specifically reference Big Brother in her tweet, it’s reasonable to assume that she isn’t open to a return trip to the BB house. It may be disappointing for Taylor’s fans, who want to see her on the show again. However, Taylor’s experience was clearly traumatic for her. She already won the Big Brother game, and has nothing to prove by returning on a future season. Furthermore, her tweet promised that she would be on television again in the future. Her fans can expect to see more from her down the line; it just probably won’t be in an emotionally taxing environment like an intense reality competition show.

At this point, Taylor’s post-Big Brother success would probably cause her to lose opportunities, rather than gain them, if she returned for a three-month stretch of isolation in the Big Brother house. She’s already begun a partnership with Lay’s due to her chip obsession on BB24, and she and her BB-crush-turned-real-life-boyfriend, Joseph Abdin, recently walked the red carpet together at the Grammys. Taylor will probably be a mainstay in pop culture for quite a while, even if she never steps foot in the Big Brother house again.

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