Big Brother season 25 is right around the corner. As longtime fans are gearing up for yet another intense and exciting season of the hit competition series, they are left wondering what game twists the milestone season will bring. While new seasons usually introduce brand new game twists, some past twists can get reused, such as Big Brother season 24’s split house twist.


New game twists are a big part of what makes Big Brother so unique and entertaining. While the main concept of the game continues to remain the same each summer, the different game twists are what keep the show entertaining. While some past twists have been simple, others have changed the outcome of the game entirely. The game twists have varied from casting twists to secret powers to splitting the entire house in half.

The Twist Is Exciting & Has Potential To Break Up Big Alliances

Last season, the Big Brother split house twist changed the entire outcome of the game. For the first time, viewers got to watch two completely separate games unfold simultaneously. Although this made Big Brother live feeds a little complicated, it was exciting to watch. The best part of this game twist is it can break up large, dominating alliances. This is what happened last summer with The Leftovers Alliance. Since the entire alliance could not be on the same side of the house, it was inevitable that at least one of their members would be evicted.

Big Brother Season 24 Introduced The Split House Twist Last Summer

Monte and Joseph at a ceremony in Big Brother 24

Towards the end of Big Brother season 24, the entire game was shaken up when the houseguests were faced with the Split House Twist. This Big Brother twist had never been done before. For an entire week, the remaining houseguests were split into two groups. One group lived in the backyard, while the other remained inside the house. Throughout the week, the two groups had no communication with each other as two completely separate games unfolded. At the end of the week, two houseguests, one from each side of the house, were evicted from the game.

Although there may be some quirks about the split house twist that would need to be worked out if it was brought back to the game, it’s arguably one of the best past Big Brother game twists. It’s exciting, unpredictable, and grueling for the houseguests who have to live outside for the week. It’s hasn’t confirmed if the split house twist will return this summer; however, it would more than likely be welcomed back with open arms by longtime viewers. Big Brother 25 will premiere sometime this summer.

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