The pre-merge portion of the Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains season has come to an end, and it will go down in the books as one the greatest first halves of any Survivor season. Heroes V Villains is the Australian version’s eighth season since Network Ten revived the show in 2016. The first two seasons of Australian Survivor, which aired in the early 2000s on the Nine Network, aren’t considered to be part of the current iteration’s canon.


Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains comes off the heels of last year’s less-than-stellar Blood V Water. The previous season, which got off to a decent start, fell apart in the post-merge portion of the game. Blood V Water received criticism for its unbalanced editing and predictable finish. Heroes V Villains is bouncing back from that poor outing by borrowing another classic Survivor theme from the American version, and putting together a cast featuring a mix of new players and notable returnees, each of whom fit the label of “Hero” or “Villain” based on their respective approaches to the game.

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Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains Is A Legendary Season

Even if the second half of Heroes V Villains somehow turns out to be a disappointment, the first half of the game has already cemented the season as an all-time great installment of Australian Survivor. Thanks to a combination of great casting and stellar storytelling, the Heroes V Villains pre-merge has been one of the most compelling journeys any iteration of Survivor has taken in years. The biggest factor in the season’s success has been the ongoing storyline between “King” George Mladenov and Simon Mee, whose feud from 2021’s Brains V Brawn season has carried over into their time on Heroes V Villains, contributing to several moments which will be etched into the Survivor history books.

Australian Survivor’s King George & Simon’s Rivalry Is Iconic

King George Mladenov and Simon Mee Australian Survivor

The tense relationship between George and Simon on Heroes V Villains has led to some of the most dramatic and humorous moments in the show’s history. George was already a major name in the international Survivor space by the time his second-place run on Brains V Brawn came to an end. However, he has solidified himself as a legendary figure in the game through his performance in the Heroes V Villains pre-merge.

George pulling out a last-minute strategy at Tribal Council in Heroes V Villains episode 7 to completely outmaneuver an unexpectedly immune Simon was one of the most riveting strategic plays the show has seen. Simon’s major mistakes, like assuming a clue he found in a cookie jar was actually a Hidden Immunity Idol, have also contributed greatly to the season’s entertainment factor. Simon’s frustration with George, coupled with his own strategic tunnel vision, have led to iconic reveals and reactions throughout the season.

George, Simon, and the “Cookie Idol” aren’t the only castaways bringing something to the table on Heroes V Villains. Jordie Hansen showed major growth as a player and character since his time as the “Joker” on Blood V Water before getting voted with an Idol in his pocket. Likewise, three-time player Shonee Bowtell and her fellow Villain, Olympian Liz Parnov, have brought strategic chops and comic relief as the “Spice Girls” alliance with George. All in all, Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains has been an incredible ride so far. Hopefully, the fun continues into the merge portion of the game.

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Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains airs Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays on Network 10.

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