• Amazon cancels A League of Their Own season 2 due to ongoing Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes, halting many productions.
  • Sony Pictures Television is shopping the series around to other platforms in hopes of finding it a new home.
  • The abrupt cancellation of the show has caused controversy, with fans frustrated by Amazon’s reasoning, which has been criticized as an excuse.

A League of Their Own was greenlit for a shortened season 2 back in April, but Amazon has now canceled the series altogether due to continuing shifts in the industry. Based on the classic 1992 movie of the same name, A League of Their Own takes place in the 1940s and revolves around the formation of the women’s baseball team the Rockford Peaches during World War II. The series stars Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson as the team’s catcher, Carson Shaw, and Roxanne Roxanne’s Chanté Adams as pitcher Max Chapman, and was widely praised by critics for its engaging expansion of the original story.

The series premiered its eight-episode first season on Prime Video in August 2022. Initially, Amazon wasn’t going to pick up A League of Their Own for additional episodes, but after a passionate campaign by the show’s dedicated fan base, Amazon decided to renew the show for a four-episode final season. This would’ve given the creators a chance to finish their story and provide the audience with closure. However, Amazon has now reversed that decision and canceled the shortened second season.

Amazon Canceled A League Of Their Own Season 2 Because Of The Strikes

The Rockford Peaches in the locker room in A League of Their Own

Amazon has decided to cancel A League of Their Own season 2 due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes, which have halted many high-profile film and TV productions. The guilds are striking for fairer wages across the board, royalty payments that align with streaming revenue, and protections from the use of A.I. in the making of movies and TV shows. Rather than trying to expedite the negotiation process by making reasonable concessions, Amazon is instead making ruthless decisions like canceling a fan-favorite show to elongate the strikes.

There is still hope for A League of Their Own season 2. The show’s production company, Sony Pictures Television, is shopping the series around various other streamers in the hope of finding it a new home. The series is confirmed to be dead at Prime Video, but a different platform could snap up the streaming rights and keep the show going. All four scripts for the shortened season 2 were reportedly completed before the strike, so the season is ready to go as soon as the strikes have been resolved.

Why A League Of Their Own’s Cancelation Is So Controversial

Carson and Max sit and talk in A League of Their Own

Since Amazon initially seemed content to wait for the strikes to end, the sudden cancelation is confusing. Amazon’s decision to cancel A League of Their Own has proven to be controversial, not only because the back-and-forth of canceling it, then renewing it, then canceling it again was frustrating for fans, but because Amazon’s reasoning doesn’t make sense. In response to the cancelation of A League of Their Own, Jacobson created an Instagram post in which she said that blaming the cancelation on the strikes is “bulls*** and cowardly,” implying that Amazon is just using the strikes as an excuse.

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