Steven Johnston appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 3, and some viewers haven’t forgiven the notorious Mormon cast member. American man Steven married young Russian woman Alina Kozhevnikova, despite admitting to infidelity and other sketchy behavior. While Alina forgave Steven for stepping out on their relationship, numerous 90 Day Fiancé fans remain opposed to the American man.

Two new franchise couples joined The Other Way season 3, including 90 Day Fiancé newcomers Steven and Alina. American man Steven revealed that he was a devout Mormon. He expected his future wife to convert to his religion, and follow its strict rules. However, Steven later revealed that he wasn’t a virgin as he’d claimed, saying he’d hooked up with around 100 women. The Other Way season 3 Tell-All then revealed that Steven was talking to nearly a dozen women online, behind Alina’s back. Despite the evidence of Steven’s infidelity, Alina chose to stay with him. They moved to Turkey and started a new life together, away from the franchise.


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90 Day Fiancé Fans Blast Steven Johnston

Reddit user u/HelloJessicka shared a photo of The Other Way duo Steven and Alina, adding the caption, “I hate this kid, what is the matter with him?” Dozens of fans then weighed in, sharing their opinions of Steven, with many believing that his religion contributed to his behavior. “Repressed Mormon,” one top commenter theorized. “Such early Kody Brown vibes,” another Redditor wrote back.

“He’s a weasely one,” another user on the thread observed about the shady man. “He’s one of those that think he’s smarter than everyone else in the world,” yet another critic weighed in. Some viewers tried to pinpoint what made them dislike Steven so much, aside from his lying and infidelity. “He’s a pathological liar and one of these icky dudes who uses religious rhetoric in an attempt to control and manipulate women,” another person declared.

90DF:TOW’s Steven Johnston’s Wife Alina Kozhevnikova Was Also Called Out

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While Steven was called out by commenters, others noted that his 90 Day Fiancé wife Alina also wasn’t their favorite. “I’ve never been so bored in my life,” the original poster wrote about Steven. “She is equally unbearable!,” someone responded. “I never yelled so loud for someone to leave an idiot behind and just get on the plane with her mother. Not even when he kidnapped the cats for the wedding did I feel an ounce of compassion for that goon,” one viewer shared. Other commenters agreed that they were disappointed when Alina took Steven back, especially after he cheated on her again.

Many The Other Way season 3 viewers can’t stand Steven, and rooted for Alina to leave him, Steven and Alina do appear happy on social media. The 90 Day Fiancé duo found a new home in Turkey that appears to meet their needs, while American man Steven was praised for his Russian language skills. The two enjoy traveling together, and Alina insists that Steven has grown. Meanwhile, Steven has told 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way fans that his marriage made him mature as a person, but his critics aren’t sure that he’s really made any progress.

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