Although Amy and Tammy Slaton are the main stars of 1000-lb Sisters, their sisters, Amanda Halterman and Misty Slaton, have gotten fans to like them so much that they would want to go out with them. 1000-lb Sisters first premiered in January 2020. The show primarily focused on Amy and her sister Tammy, as they lived their daily personal lives while attempting to lose enough weight to qualify for weight loss surgery. Fans watched as the sisters experienced setbacks in their attempts to become healthy and felt like a part of their lives, often sharing opinions about the siblings’ choices on social media.


Besides 1000-lb Sisters’ Amy Slaton and Tammy, fans were also introduced to their other family members. These included their brother, Chris Combs, who also underwent a transformative weight loss journey, and their sisters, Misty and Amanda. Misty and Amanda have been part of Tammy and Amy’s weight loss journeys and often cared for their sisters in their quest to become healthier individuals. They often acted as their sisters’ parents, and ensured they kept to their dietary regimen. Misty and Amanda’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed, as fans often lauded them. Viewers have never shied away from expressing love for Misty and Amanda, and recently did so again.

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1000-Lb Sisters Fans Want To Go Out With Amanda & Misty

1000-lb Sisters fans are never shy about expressing their feelings about the cast and did so once more recently. One fan u/mycatshavehadenough took to Reddit with a post captioned, “So of course I love Amy & Tammy, but….” The fan went on to reveal that they really wanted to hang out with Amy and Tammy’s sisters Amanda and Misty. In addition, the fan noted that Amanda and Misty looked like their kind of girlfriends and concluded by asking if anyone felt the same way.

1000-Lb Sisters Fans Express Love For Amanda & Misty

1000-lb Sisters stars Amanda Halterman and Misty Slaton

Other 1000-lb Sisters fans commented on the post and expressed their love for Amanda and Misty. One of the fans said the duo reminded them of their two aunts, adding that they would go to the sisters’ cookouts, drink beer, and “talk a mess.” A second fan said Amanda and Misty were probably fun people to go drinking with, as long as they didn’t end up in a fistfight with someone. A third person joked, “I can totally imagine Amanda getting in a fight with some random person and Misty hyping her up in the background.”

1000-Lb Sisters Fan Commends Amanda For Stepping Into Motherly Role

Amanda Halterman 1000-lb Sisters

One fan impressed by Amanda’s love and care for her sisters noted that the 1000-lb Sisters star had stepped into a motherly role when it comes to Tammy and Amy. The fan added, “I really loved the scene when Amanda and Misty went to spend the day with Tammy.” According to the fan, it was noticeable how Amanda encouraged Tammy and helped Amy with her sons. Amanda and Misty totally deserve the love and support fans are showing them and are arguably the unsung heroes of 1000-lb Sisters.

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