1000-lb Sisters fans are criticizing Tammy Slaton’s extended family after they were blunt and honest with her about some tough truths while she was away in rehab. Though Tammy has been working toward her weight loss goals for years, she has always been someone who is set back by pain or negativity. Tammy has a tough time pushing through difficult emotions or circumstances, and instead often lets herself wallow in pain.

With 1000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton having been away in her Ohio-based rehabilitation facility for over a year, her family held down the fort at home to the best of their ability without her. Though they were able to keep things afloat without Tammy, there were some tough times that they needed to fill her in on after the fact. Unfortunately, Tammy, who is known for her poor attitude, was not exactly in the headspace to receive bad news.


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What Did 1000-Lb Sisters Fans Say About Tammy Slaton’s Family?

1000-lb Sisters fans have been upset with Tammy’s extended family for delivering bad news to her while she was in a more fragile state. On Reddit, user u/beannn42 asked, “When they know all of these things can possibly set Tammy back…do they have to tell her about them as they happen?” While some were quick to argue that Tammy should be kept in the dark, others disagreed. Another Reddit user summed it up with, “Tammy is an adult and had a right to know. I would think it better to let her deal with life events as they happen instead of getting hit with everything when she gets out.”

What Did Tammy Slaton’s Family Do While She Was In Rehab?

Though Tammy is an adult who should have her own set of coping skills, her family is aware of how difficult it can be for her to take negative or difficult news. With the tremendous pressure on Tammy due to her impending weight loss surgery and the toll that her family understands news can take on her, holding off on sharing some bad news that could set her back may have been helpful in the long run. While it is coddling Tammy and ultimately could have caused more anger than necessary, keeping Tammy in the loop about news that won’t change over the course of a few months may have been more helpful than setting her back and hurting her feelings.

While 1000-lb Sisters season 4 is far from over, the progress Tammy has made in the episodes that have aired has been more than fans were expecting. Tammy’s family, though they meant well, have been less than supportive of her, as she’s done her best to keep her health in order. With more drama surely to come for Tammy and the rest of her family, only time will tell just how Tammy copes with problems in the future.

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