• The new movie Blue Beetle features Jaime Reyes as a superhero who gains superhuman abilities from a blue scarab that bonds with him.
  • Jaime’s closest ally is an A.I. named Khaji-Da, who helps him navigate his battles and hone his powers.
  • Becky G voices Khaji-Da in the movie, and the partnership between Jaime and the alien A.I. is crucial and may continue in future installments in the DCU.

The young Jaime Reyes becomes a superhero in DC’s new movie Blue Beetle, with one of his closest allies being his A.I. compatriot Khaji-Da. In Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes (Xolo Maridueña) comes into possession of a blue scarab that bonds with him and grants him superhuman abilities as Blue Beetle. Jaime also finds himself using his newfound abilities and alien armor to protect his family from Victoria Kord (Susan Sarandon), who is after the Scarab herself.

Blue Beetle is one of DC’s lesser known heroes, and has a long lineage in the comics going back to the ’30s, with Dan Garrett and Ted Kord preceding Jaime Reyes as Blue Beetle. Some elements have remained consistent for all these heroes, though, such as the Scarab that Jaime bonds with, who is also an alien form of technology, with the A.I. Khaji-Da helping him to hone his powers and navigate his battles in his Blue Beetle armor. Here is who voices Jaime’s alien associate Khaji-Da in the Blue Beetle movie cast.

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Becky G Voices Khaji-Da In Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle brings Becky G aboard to voice Khaji-Da, who Jamie bonds with over the course of the movie. The previously dormant Scarab must “choose” its host, and the dynamic between the two seemingly shows Khaji-Da chose right, as the pair work effectively in the hero role by the Blue Beetle movie ending. All in all, the partnership Jaime forms with Khaji-Da makes the alien A.I. a very important character for Blue Beetle, and in interesting figure for prospective further installments.

Where You Know Becky G From Before Blue Beetle

Shot of Blue Beetle from the back, with his energy sword out and rain falling.

Becky G’s early career includes appearances in the Discovery Channel film La estación de la Calle Olvera, while she would also establish her music career with covers of popular songs before releasing her debut album Play It Again in 2013. Becky G would later break out with her portrayal of the Yellow Ranger Trini in 2017’s big-screen reboot Power Rangers, and would later add Gnome Alone, A.X.L., and Good Mourning to her filmography. Becky G would also continue her music career with her first and second studio albums Mala Santa and Esquemas.

Following the formation of DC Studios under James Gunn and Peter Safran, the future for Blue Beetle is somewhat vague, with Gunn describing him as the “first character” in the DCU. Whether that means the events of Blue Beetle will be carried into the DCU via multiverse storytelling or whether Blue Beetle‘s sequel will simply transition Jaime himself into the DCU remains to be seen. Either way, Khaji-Da would very likely continue to provide Jaime with alien tech support, so Becky G could return in the DCU alongside Xolo Maridueña, especially if the Blue Beetle post-credits scene is further built upon in the DCU future.

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