• The Flash’s plot centers around Barry Allen’s familial struggles and his attempt to save his mother’s life by time traveling.
  • The mysterious assailant who punched Barry out of the Speed Force is revealed to be a dark version of himself, spawned from the future of Barry from 2013.
  • Dark Flash pushed Barry into an alternate version of 2013 to ensure that his younger self learns how to time travel and change traumatic events, but both versions of Barry eventually realize the consequences and the younger version of Dark Flash sacrifices himself to stop his villainous self from terrorizing the Speed Force.

During The Flash‘s first act, an unknown assailant punches Barry out of the Speed Force into an alternate 2013 to stop the latter from returning to the present after traveling back in time. The crux of The Flash centers on Barry Allen and his familial struggles stemming from his mother’s death when he was a child. Barry’s mother, Nora, was killed by a mysterious attacker for which his father, Henry, was framed.

Barry’s life in the first act of The Flash is therefore turbulent, as he deals with his father’s upcoming trial for a murder that both know was committed by someone else. The Flash‘s plot is then driven by Barry traveling back in time to save his mother’s life in order to live a happier life in the present with both of his parents. However, after Barry saves his mother’s life and attempts to travel back to the present via the Speed Force, he is knocked into an alternate version of 2013 with the mysterious assailant who attacked him not being revealed until The Flash‘s climactic ending.

Dark Flash Punched Barry Out Of The Speed Force In The Flash Movie

The Flash Dark Flash Barry Allen

As it turns out, the mysterious speedster who punched Barry out of the Speed Force was a dark version of himself. Many clues about The Flash‘s villain twist were presented throughout the film, with the 2013 version of Barry eventually being revealed as the antagonist. During the film’s third act, 2013-Barry cannot come to terms with the fact that Supergirl and Batman in his universe are killed by Zod and his army of Kryptonians. To save them, and the rest of his world, 2013-Barry insists on traveling the Speed Force endlessly in order to change the past.

It is revealed that the Dark Flash who punched Barry out of the Speed Force initially is a future version of 2013-Barry, who has spent decades attempting to save his friends and family via time travel. As the DCEU’s Barry realizes the error of changing the past, he attempts to revert things back to how they were at the beginning of The Flash. This causes 2013-Barry to similarly come to terms with his mistakes and sacrifice himself, with Dark Flash stabbing his past self and removing both from the timeline.

Why Dark Flash Pushed Barry Out Of The Speed Force In The Flash

Ezra Miller In The Speed Force In The Flash

When concerning why Dark Flash pushed Barry out of the Speed Force initially, the reason is somewhat convoluted based on the rules of time travel. As 2013-Barry was introduced to the idea of reversing time to change outcomes by the DCEU’s Barry, the future version of the former realized that the latter has to meet his past self. In order to ensure this, Dark Flash pushes Barry into the alternate version of 2013 so that the latter can teach the former’s younger self how to enter the Speed Force, travel back in time, and change traumatic events.

In pushing Barry out of the Speed Force, 2013-Barry learned of the possibilities of the Flash’s powers. This allowed 2013-Barry to become Dark Flash so that the latter could finally fulfill his long dream of saving those he loves. However, with DCEU Barry and 2013-Barry realizing this can never happen, Dark Flash is wiped from the timeline after killing his younger self in The Flash‘s ending.

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