Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Succession season 4, episode 9!

Succession season 4, episode 9 surprisingly revealed Sally Anne, another of Logan’s past mistresses, and here is everything there is to know about her so far. Unlike characters like Marcia, Caroline, and Kerry, Sally Anne has barely had any screen time or character development, meaning that audiences don’t really know her yet. However, Succession has already dropped several clues in regard to this new character, so here’s who Sally Anne actually is.


Succession season 4, episode 9 is out now, leaving only one episode left in HBO’s beloved comedy-drama. Succession season 4 has been an explosive season so far, with it revealing the death of Logan Roy. Despite Logan Roy’s death, season 4 has still revealed a lot about the character’s past, proving that his presence in the series is still great. One of the biggest reveals about Logan’s past so far is the introduction of Sally Anne, so here’s what Succession has says about her in season 4, episode 9.

Sally Anne Was Logan’s Mistress During His First Marriage: What Succession Has Revealed

Logan Roy in Succession

Succession season 4, episode 9 reveals that Sally Anne was Logan’s mistress during his first marriage with Caroline Collingwood. At Logan’s funeral, Caroline tells Marcia that Sally Anne was her Kerry. Since the audience knows that Logan was sleeping with Kerry while married to Marcia, this means that Logan was sleeping with Sally Anne while married to Caroline. Since they were at the wedding together, it seems as if Caroline and Sally Anne have become friends since being with Logan. Besides this, though, not much else is known about Sally Anne.

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Sally Anne Is Part Of Succession Season 4, Episode 9’s Best Scenes

Willa, Connor, Roman, Kendall, and Shiv at Logan's funeral in Succession season 4

At Logan Roy’s funeral, Caroline, Marcia, Kerry, and Sally Anne all sit together at the front of the church. The interactions between these characters are some of the best scenes in Succession season 4, episode 9, as it highlights one of Logan Roy’s biggest flaws. While Ewan and Logan directly state many of the problems with Logan, the four women sitting together visualize it, showing how much Logan’s womanizing has hurt them and everyone around them. These scenes not only offer a fun dynamic between these characters, but it also shows that Logan’s affairs and rampant sexism have hurt far more than just the Roy siblings.

Sally Anne Is Played By Nicole Ansari-Cox (Who Is Married To Brian Cox)

Logan Roy looking gruff in Succession season 4 episode 3

While Sally Anne has a connection to Logan Roy in Succession, the two also have a real-life connection. Sally Anne is played by Nicole Ansari-Cox, who in real life is married to Logan Roy actor Brian Cox. This adds a level of irony to their in-universe dynamic, as the couple that is in a presumably happy relationship is portraying a relationship that has been torn apart by affairs and dishonesty. The funeral of Logan Roy showed just how terrible of a person he was, and the introduction of Sally Anne in Succession season 4, episode 9 only further proves this.

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