Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Fast X!There are some major confirmed casualties thanks to Fast X‘s deaths, and several other characters might have died too. As the first movie in a two or three-part Fast & Furious franchise finale, the signs that some characters were going to die in Fast X have been around for a while. The film’s marketing campaign included lines in the trailer about not everyone making it out of the movie alive, while even director Louis Leterrier confirmed pre-release that killing off major characters was on the table. This prompted theories about which characters Fast X would kill as part of Dominic Toretto’s war with Dante Reyes.


Jason Momoa’s villain is driven by a quest to make Dom suffer and only resorts to killing those closest to him as a final tactic. By the time that Fast X‘s ending comes, Dante and his associates have proven they are a threat to be taken very seriously. They threaten the safety of just about everyone closest to Dom as part of their mission, and the various situations lead to several Fast & Furious characters dying. There are also a few individuals whose fates are left up in the air, so here are the many Fast X deaths explained.

Fast X Only Has 2 Big On-Screen Character Deaths


There are only two major Fast X deaths that happen on-screen for familiar characters. Plenty of side characters die throughout the film, but Diogo is the first on-screen character death. The Fast Five character returns thanks to the Brazil setting. Diogo came to respect Dom during the fifth Fast & Furious movie, so much so that he helps Dom stand up to Dante. This ultimately puts Diogo in harm’s way as someone associated with Dante’s archenemy. Dante puts bombs on the bottom of Diogo’s and Isabel’s cars, forcing Dom to choose which one to save. When he picks Elena’s sister, Diogo became the first big Fast X death.

The much more significant casualty occurs when Jakob dies in Fast X. John Cena’s character was only introduced in F9 as Dom’s secret younger brother, and he spends the entirety of the new film protecting Little Brian from Dante’s men. This gives them an opportunity to bond, but it also means Jakob is partially responsible for Dante eventually getting Dom’s son. When his fuel line is shot and he becomes incapable of helping Dom save Lil B, he decides to make the ultimate sacrifice. Using his rocket car to launch himself into the caravan coming for Dom, Jakob became the most surprising Fast X character death.

Fast X Teases The Deaths Of Four More Members Of The Family

Tej, Ramsey, and Roman in Fast X

There is also a possibility that Tej, Roman, Han, and Ramsey also count towards Fast X‘s death toll. The four characters are split up from the rest of the cast fairly early on as a result of Roman’s mission in Rome going awry. They travel across the world trying to remain out of Dante’s sight, eventually leading them to Deckard Shaw in London. They finally connect with the Agency and hitch a ride to Brazil, but this was secretly all part of Dante’s plan. Right as they get to Dom, Aimes shoots a missile at their plane, causing it to begin falling from the sky and crash into a mountain.

The movie does not show any signs that Tej, Roman, Han, or Ramsey make it out of the plane before it crashes, which would mean that all four characters die in Fast X. Of course, the decision to not explicitly show their fates means that it is most likely a question that Fast & Furious 11 will have to answer. They are last seen running through the plane toward their vehicles, so it is possible that this gives them some extra protection. Even if that is the case, no sign of them leaving the plane means that at the very least Dom believes his four friends die in Fast X.

Fast & Furious’ History Suggests Jakob & The Others Could Still Be Alive – How They Can Return

Jakob, Dominic, and Letty from Fast & Furious

No matter how definitive or ambiguous the Fast X deaths might look, the franchise’s history suggests that anyone could still be alive. Fast & Furious has a history of bringing back characters who were thought to be dead. This began with Han returning by changing the timeline and then retconning his death again in F9 by revealing Mr. Nobody helped him fake his death. Letty is one of the most famous examples of a dead Fast & Furious character coming back to life, as Fast & Furious 6 revealed she lost her memory instead of dying. Gal Gadot’s Fast X return continues the trend by revealing Gisele is still alive.

Explaining how Jakob, Tej, Roman, Han, and Ramsey can return in Fast & Furious 11 can be done in several different ways. It is much easier to explain how Tej, Roman, Han, and Ramsey survived because the plane crash was obscured from Dom’s view, meaning there is wiggle room to explain that they did narrowly escape before the crash occurred. This would be an easy way to explain how the recurring franchise characters continue to be part of the Fast Saga’s final movies. Otherwise, the franchise could explain they survived the crash through the protection of their vehicles or some piece of technology.

Jakob’s Fast X death looked to be much more irreversible, as it would take explaining that he braced himself for the crash to avoid serious injury and escaped from the mountain of burning cars. It would not be realistic to explain that Mr. Nobody helped fake his death either. Jakob could return after Fast X‘s post-credits scene if theories about Fast & Furious using time travel prove to be correct. The franchise could see Dom and his team invent time travel to go back and save those that they’ve lost. This could include Jakob and provide a way to bring him back but not directly retcon his death scene.

Which Other Fast & Furious Characters Have Unknown Fates After Fast X

Fast X Dominic Toretto Brian

The fates of several other Fast & Furious characters are either unknown or left in the balance after Fast X. The biggest of these are Dom and Lil B, who are last seen standing in a cavern with bombs about to detonate that will blow up the dam in front of them. There is no easy way out of this situation for the father and son, and Dante appears ready to let them die and end their suffering. It is unclear how Fast & Furious 11 will address the cliffhanger ending and explain how both characters survive – unless killing the franchise’s main character in a shocking fashion is planned for the next film.

The only other major Fast & Furious character whose fate is not entirely clear after Fast X is Mr. Nobody. Whether he was alive or dead has been a mystery since the beginning of F9. Fast X makes several references to Mr. Nobody’s status, but Tess and Dom both imply that he is alive but missing or in hiding. It remains to be seen if that is the truth, and if it is, how he survived Jakob’s original attack in F9 and what he has been up to since then.

Every other major character is confirmed to be alive and in a good spot after Fast X. Cipher, Letty, and Gisele are together in Antarctica. Isabel took Tess to the hospital, where she will recover from a non-fatal gunshot wound to the shoulder. Dante and Aimes are together watching Dom potentially die. Dwayne Johnson’s Fast X return even confirms that Hobbs is safe, while Little Nobody, Queenie, Deckard, and Mia are all alive the last time they are seen. Since Fast X teases anyone associated with Dom could be a target for Dante’s team, everyone from Monica Fuentes to Sean Boswell could be in danger still.

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