How far down would you go to climb up the corporate ladder? Check out where to watch the new dark comedy The Consultant.

Get ready to watch The Consultant, the new dark comedy-drama that will soon have everyone buzzing about the business side of app-based gaming. Sound dull? Not when the app company in question is CompWare, a game-developing studio in downtown Los Angeles and the setting of the latest series by creator-producer, Tony Basgallop, and directed by Matt Shakman, Andrew Mittman, and Steve Stark. Based on the novel of the same name by Bentley Little — the author described as “The Horror Poet Laureate” by Stephen King — the darkly disturbing series debuts on February 24, 2023.


Keep reading to find out where to watch The Consultant and get ready to chuckle… nervously.

Watch The Consultant on Amazon Prime Video

Who Is “The Consultant?”

Where to Watch The Consultant

When an important merger falls through and the CEO of the most successful mobile gaming app company mysteriously vanishes leaving little behind but blood stains, HE arrives… a consultant, there to “observe, streamline, and improve.” Unfortunately, improvements begin with some sinister changes in the workplace and streamlining means firing people when the consultant dislikes the way they smell. New challenges pit coworkers against each other while Mr. Payoff’s new, stricter policies monitor everything from the break room to the bathrooms.

When coworkers Elaine and Craig begin to covertly investigate the mysterious past of the new consultant who somehow works his dark changes in the personal lives of the employees of CompWare as well as their professional ones, they find out more than they ever imagined about the man known as Mr. Patoff — The Consultant. But changes in their work lives may be just the beginning. Before long, the pair begin to wonder if they should be worrying about more than just fighting for their jobs, but also fighting for their lives … and their souls.

Go ahead and move to the edge of your seat and hold onto your soul with both hands once you learn how to watch The Consultant.

Get Ready for Thrills and Chills In the Workplace…

Where to Watch The Consultant

The Consultant stars Christoph Waltz as Regus Patoff, the consultant himself, and possibly the true “boss from hell.” Winner of two Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor in his roles in Inglourious Basterds, and Django Unchained under Quentin Tarantino, Waltz isn’t new to black comedy roles, having starred in Roman Polanski’s Carnage in 2011 and Tim Burton’s film, Big Eyes. The Vienna-born actor also won a Golden Globe. Waltz now takes on the starring role of the twisted tyrant of the office with powerful performances that show off the talented actor’s darkly dramatic acting skills at their best.

The Consultant also stars Nat Wolff as Craig and Brittany O’Grady as Elaine, as well as Aimee Carrero, and Michael Charles Vaccaro.

Find out how far people are willing to go to get ahead after you learn where to watch The Consultant.

Where to Watch The Consultant

Where to Watch The Consultant

The Consultant dives deep into the imbalance of power in the sometimes sinister relationship between boss and employee with unforgettable dark humor, creeping menace, and daring drama. The eight-part series begins streaming on Amazon Prime Video on February 24.

Tighten your tie and tune in to watch The Consultant beginning February 24. Stream the trailer today and add The Consultant to your watch list … and your resume.

Watch The Consultant on Amazon Prime Video

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