If you are looking to watch a new take on a classic horror story, you’ll want to know where to watch Renfield, the latest take on the story of the most famous vampire in history. A tribute to Bram Stoker’s famous bloodthirsty monster, Renfield promises to bring a new take onto the dark tale of Dracula through the eyes of his lowly long-suffering servant.


Many vampire films have been released throughout the years, allowing audiences a glimpse into the world of the undead. Vampires have been a popular aspect of culture since the release of Bram Stoker’s acclaimed novel in 1897. There have been plenty of films released that tell the story of this mysterious monster – but Renfield, directed by Chris McKay marks the first time that audiences will see the story from the point of view from Dracula’s deranged and devoted servant.

Released in theaters by Universal Studios on April 14, 2023, this film brings the story of the nocturnal monster straight into the 21st century, serving as a sequel to the 1931 classic, starring Bela Lugosi.

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Where to Watch Renfield

Critics and audiences have described Renfield as an interesting new comedic take on an already classic horror story. With a highly praised cast and a story garnered to capture the attention of horror movie fans, Renfield is already set to become one of the movie highlights of this summer. You can check it out for yourself by renting or buying it on Prime Video now.

What Is Renfield All About?

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This new comedy film tells the story of R.M. Renfield, an English lawyer who is living in the early 20th century when he comes into content with Count Dracula, the infamous vampire. After proving himself to be a valuable assistant to the bloodthirsty vampire, Renfield becomes Dracula’s spiritual guardian, in exchange for immortality and supernatural powers.

But after ninety years of servitude, Renfield has grown tired of his master’s abuse and being forced to bring victims to satisfy Dracula’s cravings. Desiring to escape and to find a new life away from the Count’s crazy demands, Renfield joins a self-help group for people in co-dependent relationships and ends up caught in a crime web with police officer Rebecca Quincy, all while trying to break free of possibly the worst ever boss in existence.

Renfield features a star-studded cast to help blend bloody horror with action-packed comedy. Nicholas Hoult stars as the titular long-suffering assistant desperate to find a way out of his eternal life of servitude to the Prince of Darkness, looking for positivity in an eternity of negativity. Meanwhile, Nicolas Cage dons the black cape and channels the vampires of the past as he takes on his first high-profile role in years. He glides across the screen with arrogance and entitlement, giving viewers his witty take of the vicious vampire, drawing comparisons to actor Bela Lugosi’s famous portrayal of Dracula.

Both Hoult and Cage show great on-screen chemistry together, showing why the Transylvanian count would win the award for worst boss. While the film doesn’t shy away from its dark side, it promises a witty sense of fun that nobody really expects from a movie about Dracula and his assistant.

Renfield also stars Awkwafina, Ben Schwartz and Shohreh Aghdashloo.

What’s the Cheapest Way to Watch Renfield?

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Right now, the only way to watch Renfield outside of theaters is to buy or rent it on Prime Video now. Renfield can be rented for $19.99 or purchased for $24.99. However, as a result of a new deal made with Universal Studios, it’s intended that Renfield will also begin streaming on Peacock by August 14, 2023. While staying true to its dark origins, Renfield proves to be a movie worth sinking your teeth into, if you enjoy watching movies about vampires.

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