Only one legendary Phoenix exists in Hogwarts Legacy as the final piece of the player’s beast collection, appearing after certain quests are done.

The legendary Phoenix magical beast in Hogwarts Legacy only appears as a creature for players to find after they have completed several side quests. Likely the last collectible creature for players to add to their roster in the Room of Requirement, the Phoenix does not show up until a quest is offered by the house-elf Deek to defend it from poachers. There are no spots where a Phoenix may be hiding in the wild, as only one exists in the entire game for players to obtain, with no shiny variants to speak of either.

An important NPC, Deek gives the player many side quest objectives throughout the story, and every single mission must be completed before players are given a final task to rescue the Phoenix. In addition, players need to attend their first Beasts class and finish the main story quest “The Helm of Urkot” as other prerequisites before Deek shows concern regarding the fiery bird. The latter quest mentioned is the twenty-third main story quest in Hogwarts Legacy, so players have a lot of time to address Deek’s other goals as they progress.

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Finding the Only Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy The One Phoenix in the Game, Unlocked after Multiple Side Quests

Deek gives out the side quest “Phoenix Rising” in the Room of Requirement once players meet all previously mentioned obligations. Quest markers appear on the map, leading players to defeat poachers and spiders hiding within a cave. In a relatively simple quest, players only need to follow the path outside Hogwarts to reach this location, using the multiple combat spells they’ve learned to defeat the enemies within.

The Phoenix itself resides deep within the cave, and may only be brought back to Hogwarts when players use their Nab-Sack to capture it. Thankfully, due to the creature’s gratitude toward the player for defeating the poachers, it will allow this magic to be used without the same fuss seen from other magical beasts like Demicawls in Hogwarts Legacy. Players should make sure to have enough tools to take care of the Phoenix, including a Beast Feeder or a Beast Toybox created through schematics bought from the Tomes and Scrolls shop in Hogsmeade.

More of a novelty in a player’s collection, the Phoenix cannot be breeded to produce more, nor can it be cross-bred with other bird types. Phoenix feathers are harvested from the bird to upgrade gear to their highest potential, creating their strongest stats in the game. Those that find the Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy have the greatest source to improve their equipment for the final bosses of the narrative going forward.

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