Seven Kings Must Die is an upcoming Netflix spinoff film of the television series, The Last Kingdom, but it’s unclear when exactly it takes place in the show’s timeline. Following the fictional character, Uhtred of Bebbanburg, across tenth-century Britain as he struggles to navigate life as a Saxon-born man raised by Danes, The Last Kingdom spans several of early England’s most formative years. The series uses Uhtred to tell the story of the unification of England, especially in the early days under King Alfred the Great. However, with Seven Kings Must Die looking to wrap up the story, understanding it’s place in the timeline is crucial.


The Last Kingdom season 5 was the final season of the show, however, Seven Kings Must Die is set to expand the franchise into the movie world. The series finale of The Last Kingdom featured Uhtred finally reclaiming his ancestral home, Bebbanburg. Retaking possession of Bebbanburg was always Uhtred’s foremost concern, though he gets tangled up in King Alfred’s dream of a unified England along the way. It’s this dream that looks set to define the events of Seven Kings Must Die.

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The Seven Kings Must Die Movie Is A Sequel To The Show


The Last Kingdom‘s movie, Seven Kings Must Die, will serve as a sequel to the show and the story’s finale. The show and the book series were always meant to tell the story of the unification of England, which is presumably what the Last Kingdom movie will cover as well. The introduction of Athelstan in The Last Kingdom season 5 is critical in this respect because he was the king who finally united England in real life. His success was largely because of the work his grandfather, Alfred, did, and to a lesser extent his father, Edward’s success.

It is difficult to say exactly where Seven Kings Must Die will end the story, however, based on the trailer, it seems to be focused on the succession of King Edward. Uhtred will certainly play a role in the succession and will likely have to make some life-defining choices along the way. The Last Kingdom season 5 seemed to leave Uhtred in a happy place for once, but Seven Kings Must Die is sure to tear his peace to shreds and send him back into the heat of battle to fight once again.

How A Sequel Movie Helps The Show More Than The Last Kingdom Season 6

Alex Dreymon in The Last Kingdom Season 4

The use of a sequel movie in place of The Last Kingdom season 6 is actually better for the franchise because it can wrap the story up in a more concise manner. The show has essentially reached its natural conclusion, except for the fact that a unified England has not been obtained. Most of the character arcs seem to be complete at this point, and most of the side plots have been concluded, but the most foundational aspect of the story still remains to be completed.

With so little remaining to do, a movie is the best way to wrap the story up. Uhtred’s happy ending is still possible, and it allows Netflix to set up potential future spinoffs. Seven Kings Must Die can do these things without overextending The Last Kingdom and lowering the quality of the show. In short, the story that remains to be told is too brief for a full season of television, but perfect for a feature film.

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