The Where the Crawdads Sing cast is fairly big, with Daisy Edgar-Jones in the leading role. Directed by Olivia Newman from a screenplay by Lucy Alibar, Where the Crawdads Sing is an adaptation of the best-selling 2018 novel by Delia Owens. Set in Barkley Cove, North Carolina in the late 1960s, Where the Crawdad Sing follows Kya Clark( Daisy Edgar-Jones), a young woman who lives in the marsh and is looked down upon by the local townspeople for being an outsider.


Kya loves nature more than people, feeling at peace in the marsh after years of fending for herself following the rest of her family’s abandonment. Where the Crawdads Sing is told through a series of flashbacks that chronicle Kya’s life from childhood to adulthood, up until she’s accused of murdering Chase Andrews, with whom she was previously in a romantic relationship. Here is the full guide to the Where the Crawdad Sing cast, who they play in the film, and in what other films and TV shows they have been in.

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Daisy Edgar-Jones as Catherine “Kya” Clark

Daisy Edgar-Jones as Kya Clark

Catherine Danielle Clark (known to her family as Kya) is the main character in the cast of Where the Crawdads Sing. She lives in the marsh alone after her family — one after another — leaves her behind due to her father’s abuse. She is later accused of murdering Chase Andrews, once the star quarterback of Barkley Cove. Kya is portrayed by Daisy Edgar-Jones, who is no stranger to playing outsiders. Edgar-Jones is best known for her roles in the Hulu series Normal People, Under the Banner of Heaven, the TV series War of the Worlds, and Fresh, which she co-starred opposite the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Sebastian Stan.

Jojo Regina as Young Catherine “Kya” Clark

Jojo Regina as young Kya

The younger version of Kya is a big part of the story as the film explores her childhood and hardships following her family leaving. She’s resourceful and finds ways to support herself after her father finally abandons her. This explains how Kya became an independent young woman who knows how to take care of herself and is comfortable alone in nature. Young Kya is played by Jojo Regina, who makes her feature film debut in Where the Crawdads Sing. Regina also appears in the short film Delight and the series The Chosen.

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Taylor John Smith as Tate Walker

Taylor John Smith as Tate and Daisy Edgar-Jones as Kya

Tate Walker is one of Kya’s only friends who becomes a love interest. Tate is also one of the only people who believes in her and doesn’t mock her or call her Marsh Girl. Indeed, Tate becomes a crucial character in Kya’s journey in Where The Crawdads Sing. Tate is portrayed by Taylor John Smith, who has some experience playing conflicted characters. Smith is best known for his roles in the HBO series Sharp Objects starring Amy Adams. Smith also appears in Black Light and Shadow in the Cloud.

David Strathairn as Tom Milton

David Strathairn in Where the Crawdads Sing

Tom Milton is a Barkley Cove resident and retired lawyer who defends Kya Clark in her murder trial. Tom is played by David Strathairn, who is best known for his roles in Lincoln, Good Night, and Good Luck, Nightmare Alley, The Bourne Ultimatum, the TV series The Expanse, and The Blacklist. Those who remember Strathairn from Godzilla and L.A. Confidential know that he has a knack for authoritative roles like Tom Milton.

Harris Dickinson as Chase Andrews

Harris Dickinson as Chase Andrews

Chase Andrews is a big-shot around Barkley Cove as the town’s former star quarterback. Chase is involved with Kya romantically, but soon shows his true colors. Where the Crawdads Sing centers his murder case, in which Kya is accused of killing him. Chase is portrayed by Harris Dickinson, who’s known for pulling off dangerously charming characters. Dickinson has notable roles in The King’s Man, Scrapper, The Souvenir: Part II, and has voiced the character of Gurjin in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

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Where The Crawdads Sing Supporting Cast & Characters

Sterling Macer Jr. and Michael Hyatt in Where the Crawdads Sing

Michael Hyatt as Mabel – Mabel is a marsh shop owner who treats Kya with kindness and love throughout her life. Mabel is the closest Kya has had to a mother figure after her own mother leaves. Michael Hyatt is known for Nightcrawler, the TV series Snowfall, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Ray Donovan, and True Detective.

Sterling Macer, Jr. as Jumpin – Jumpin is Mabel’s husband who co-owns the marsh shop. He sells mussels, which ultimately sees Kya striking up a deal to sell him fresh mussels from the marsh. Sterling Macer, Jr. is known for his roles in Double Down, Lincoln Heights, and Homefront.

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Bill Kelly as Sheriff Jackson – Sheriff Jackson plays a key role in Kya’s trial and believes she did kill Chase. Bill Kelly is known for his roles in The Wonder Years TV series reboot, The Banker, Hillbilly Elegy, and Bloodline.

Garret Dillahunt as “Pa” Clark – Pa Clark is Kya’s abusive father who drove out his family because of his actions. Garret Dillahunt has been in Army of the Dead, Widows, The Mindy Project, and Fear the Walking Dead.

Ahna O’Reilly as “Ma” Clark – Ma Clark is Kya’s mother who abandons her after being heavily abused by her husband. Ahna O’Reilly has been in The Help, Fruitvale Station, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Jobs.

Logan Macrae as Jodi Clark – Jodi Clark is Kya’s older brother and one of the only siblings who returns after leaving. Logan Macrae is known for A Mouthful of Air and The Vigil.

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Jayson Warner Smith as Deputy Joe Purdue – Joe Purdue is the deputy sheriff and one of the people in Barkley Cove who believes Kya Clark did commit murder. He also stands trial. Jayson Warner Smith is known for The Walking Dead and Rectify.

Eric Ladin as Eric Chastain – Eric is the state prosecutor in Kya’s trial throughout Where the Crawdads Sing. Eric Ladin is known for Bosch, For All Mankind, and Six.

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