The Marvels is bringing Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) back in a lead role since her debut movie in 2019, but the first trailer has raised an important question: where is Jude Law’s Captain Marvel villain, Yon-Rogg, in The Marvels? The Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently exploring its multiverse and the many dangers living in it, but it’s also taking some time to continue the stories of already established characters, while also expanding on other areas of this connected universe. As part of Phase 5 is The Marvels, the long-awaited sequel to Captain Marvel, which will continue exploring the MCU’s cosmic side while also bringing together three similar yet very different female heroes.


Although plot details about The Marvels remain a mystery, what’s known is that, after investigating a wormhole linked to the Kree, the powers of Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) become entangled, so every time they use their powers, they swap places with each other. The three heroes will have to join forces to discover why and find a solution, but they will also come across a couple of enemies in the process. Now, due to Yon-Rogg’s fate in Captain Marvel, he could have had a place in the sequel, but he’s nowhere to be seen in trailers and promotional material – so, where is Jude Law’s Yon-Rogg in The Marvels?

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Yon-Rogg’s Captain Marvel Fate Explained

yon rogg in captain marvel

Yon-Rogg is a Kree Empire commander and leader of Starforce, and along with Minn-Erva, he was tasked with killing Mar-Vell on Earth and retrieving the energy core of the Light-Speed Engine she had created. Although they did kill Mar-Vell, an explosion led to Carol Danvers absorbing the energy of the Tesseract, so Yon-Rogg took her to the Kree, where she was trained to serve the Kree Empire and her memories were wiped, with Yon-Rogg becoming her mentor. Years later, the Starforce was tasked with rescuing an undercover operative infiltrating a group of Skrulls, while the Accusers planned to bomb a Skrull stronghold. When Carol Danvers learned the truth about the Skrulls and the Kree and regained her powers, she went against Yon-Rogg’s orders and the Kree, and so Yon-Rogg tracked her down.

Carol Danvers used her powers to damage Yon-Rogg’s pod and have him crash-land in the Mojave Desert, where they prepared for a final showdown. Yon-Rogg encouraged Danvers to prove her worth by facing him without her powers, but Danvers shrugged him off and hit him with a photon blast, incapacitating him. Yon-Rogg accepted his defeat but Danvers chose to spare him, deciding to send him back to Hala instead, but not without letting him know that she didn’t need to prove anything to him. Danvers strapped him to his spacecraft and gave him a message to deliver to the Kree Empire, as she wanted them to know that she was going after them to finish the Kree-Skrull war, and with the help of a photon blast, she sent Yon-Rogg back to Hala.

Yon-Rogg Isn’t In The Marvel’s Trailer

The Marvels Villain Zawe Ashton Details Carol Danvers

Yon-Rogg is one of the few villains in the MCU who survived their debut movie, but unlike others, he doesn’t seem to be returning in the sequel. The first trailer for The Marvels doesn’t show Yon-Rogg nor does it have any references or hints at his presence in the story, and instead, a new villain is being introduced. Zawe Ashton is playing the still mysterious villain in The Marvels, who is believed to be Dar-Benn, a Kree warrior who, interestingly enough, is seen wielding an Accuser’s hammer in the trailer. It’s unknown what the role of the Kree will be in The Marvels, especially as a lot of time has passed since the events of Captain Marvel, which is set in the 1990s, and the last time the Kree had a big role in the MCU was in Guardians of the Galaxy. However, if Ashton’s character is a Kree warrior, she could provide an answer to what happened to Yon-Rogg after Captain Marvel – though Yon-Rogg’s words at the end of Captain Marvel, along with some deleted scenes, might hint at what happened to him when he returned to Hala.

Yon-Rogg and Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel

As Carol Danvers strapped Yon-Rogg to his spacecraft to send him back to Hala, Yon-Rogg told her that he couldn’t go back empty-handed, with Danvers affirming that he wouldn’t, as she had an important message for the Supreme Intelligence that Yon-Rogg would have to deliver. The way Yon-Rogg said that he couldn’t return with his hands empty hints at him knowing that his fate could either be being discharged from the Kree military for his failure or maybe even being executed. Deleted scenes from Captain Marvel better showed the brutality of the Supreme Intelligence against Yon-Rogg, with the Supreme Intelligence appearing to Yon-Rogg as himself, showing how emotionally abusive it was towards him. The Marvels’ villain could clear this up and reveal if Yon-Rogg was either discharged or executed, and if the former is the answer, Yon-Rogg could return at some point in the future of the MCU.

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