The new Adam Driver-fronted sci-fi action movie 65 premiered theatrically on March 10, but it likely will not be long until it hits streaming. 65 follows Adam Driver’s Mills – a pilot who crash-lands on Earth 65 million years in the past during the Cretaceous period. What separates 65 from the likes of Jurassic Park is that Mills has all manner of futuristic weapons at his disposal, making for a unique dinosaur movie concept. 65 comes from the mind of A Quiet Place creators Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, and has the potential to be the duo’s next big franchise-starter.


One of many upcoming sci-fi movies in 2023, 65 was originally planned for an April 2022 release. This was delayed by almost a year to March 2023. As a result, 65 has run into major competition thanks to Scream VI, and despite its creative concept, might not yield the box office result that Sony wants. That means 65 will likely end up on a streaming service sooner rather than later.

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When & Where 65 Could Be Streaming Based On Other Sony Movies

Adam Driver as Mills with Koa in 65

65 will likely end up on Netflix due to the platform’s day-one window deal with Sony, and it might not be long until that happens. It was approximately four months between Bullet Train’s theatrical release and the movie becoming available on Netflix. It was a little longer with Morbius, which was only available to stream five months after its initial release date, but this was likely because Sony decided to give Morbius a second theatrical release after its memes were trending. 65 will likely be available to stream around four months after its theatrical release.

Why 65 Will Likely Be Bigger On Streaming Than Theaters

Adam Driver in 65 in a misty forest all soaking wet looking very terrified

While 65 has the potential to be huge, it likely will not find its audience in theaters. The movie has strangely had very little marketing, and the ambiguous name does not exactly give much away for casual moviegoers. Worst of all, 65 has some stiff competition, as both Scream 6 and Champions are released the same week. One of the most anticipated 2023 movies, Scream 6 has received a positive response from critics and is coming off the resounding success of Scream 5, while Creed 3 will still be hugely successful in its second week in theaters too.

Even though Bullet Train was not a critical hit, it is a hugely entertaining popcorn flick, and Netflix subscribers have flocked to it, as it immediately became the most-watched movie on Netflix when first made available (via The Ankler). Despite its reputation, Morbius has also performed strongly on streaming. Netflix could be where 65 will thrive following its box office run. On Netflix, the film has no direct competition, not to mention that Netflix has no reliance on marketing. 65 could easily be the next Bullet Train.

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