A playable version of Blade in Honkai: Star Rail is in the works, though his exact release date has not yet been officially announced by HoYoverse. The 5-star Wind character follows the Path of the Destruction, which means his specialty is dealing damage and enduring harder battles. The Stellaron Hunter has made some appearances in the campaign, as both the missing prisoner of the Xianzhou Luofu and an ally of Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail, but more of his relevance to the story has yet to be seen.


Honkai: Star Rail’s Blade is described as a dangerous swordsman – so much so that Dan Heng, an exile from the Xianzhou Luofu, returns to the flagship to help his Astral Express colleagues once he discovers that Blade is the one they are searching for. The mysterious Stellaron Hunter was playable during the beta version of the game, though now players have to wait for his arrival in limited-time banners to have a chance of obtaining Blade and adding him to their parties.

Blade’s Release Date In Honkai: Star Rail

A close-up on Blade's face while he smirks in a Honkai Star Rail cutscene.

Although there have been no official confirmations regarding when Honkai: Star Rail’s Blade will be released, it is speculated that he will arrive at some point in Version 1.2. The next update will feature Silver Wolf and Luocha as the 5-star characters in Honkai: Star Rail 1.1, meaning there will likely not be any more space for additional 5-star banners during the run. The developer has also already teased Blade’s release through a post on the official Honkai: Star Rail account on Twitter, meaning his arrival is imminent. Based on the game’s six-week schedule, Version 1.2 is expected to arrive on July 19.

Kafka May Arrive Along With Blade In Honkai: Star Rail

Kafka from Honkai: Star Rail holding a card up in front of her face between her middle and pointer fingers.

HoYoverse also shared a post about Kafka on Honkai: Star Rail’s Twitter account, meaning she and Blade could share the version. In a deleted post by Inima on Twitter, later shared by SignificanceSlight44 on Reddit, Kafka is expected to be one of the 5-star characters in Version 1.2. If Blade’s release in Honkai: Star Rail is, indeed, scheduled for the update following 1.1, then players will get a duo of Stellaron Hunters to choose from – of course, they will likely be split into the two different phases in the update.

Though they do not come as official confirmations, HoYoverse’s posts about Kafka and Blade in Honkai: Star Rail may have more meaning than it seems. The developer, also creators of Genshin Impact, tend to post a few lore details about characters that will arrive in the upcoming versions. Dehya, for instance, was released in Version 3.5 but was teased as playable prior to Version 3.4’s release, indicating that she would be arriving within a few weeks. This could be the same for Honkai: Star Rail, in which playable characters get teased nearly two versions back.

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