As another season of The CW’s football drama nears its conclusion, here is what is known about when All American season 5 will release on Netflix.

Here is when All American season 5 releases on Netflix. The CW’s hit football drama returned for its fifth season in late 2022 to continue Spencer James’ story. While new episodes debut weekly on The CW for those who want to stay up to date with the show throughout the year, All American has also established a reputation as being a massive hit on Netflix. The arrival of the show’s second season on the service coincided with the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Netflix’s subscribers quickly helped make All American rise through the streamer’s charts.


All American season 5 is another significant step in the show’s development, as Spencer, Olivia, Jordan, and others continue their college journeys. The new season delivers several major twists as it continues, including All American season 5’s major death. The fallout of the event significantly impacts the rest of the season, while plenty of other storylines progress in surprising ways or finally pay off fan theories. Understandably, All American season 5’s Netflix release date is desired by those who have been waiting to binge-watch the latest chapter in the story.

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All American Season 5 Will Arrive On Netflix In May 2023

All American Season 5 Episode 11 Billy Baker

Now that it has been nearly a year since All American season 4 debuted on the service, the wait for All American season 5’s Netflix release date should be almost over. The newest seasons of The CW’s football show traditionally arrive roughly one week after the finale airs. For reference, All American season 4‘s finale aired on May 23, 2022, and it was then streaming on Netflix on May 31st. The CW has not officially announced when All American season 5’s finale will air, which means that there is some guesswork involved in determining when its Netflix release date is.

All American season 5 is confirmed to be 20 episodes long. As long as the show does not take any more weeks off as it airs its remaining episodes, the finale should air on The CW on May 1, 2023. Looking at the show’s usual behavior, All American season 5’s Netflix release date could be as early as May 8th. If All American season 5 goes on hiatus again and takes any weeks off as the show deals with the grief of its main characters, that date would be pushed back. But, All American season 5’s streaming release should happen no later than May 29, 2023, at this point.

Was All American Renewed For Season 6?

All American Season 5 Billy Baker Death

The CW has already renewed All American season 6 as a sign of faith in the show and a reflection of its ongoing popularity. This comes despite The CW radically changing its programming plans, which will leave All American as one of three scripted series still on the air come Fall 2023. All American season 6 will once again star its regular characters around Spencer James, with season 5’s surprise death character being the exception.

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