• A quiz offers the chance to claim a Targaryen name from House of the Dragon, but beware of the brutal reality and inevitable bloodshed that comes with it.
  • The murder of Lucerys has escalated tensions between Rhaenyra and Aegon, leading to a civil war with both sides vying for the Iron Throne.
  • Rhaenyra seeks vengeance against Alicent and will likely stop at nothing to achieve justice, while Daemon hopes to hatch dragon eggs and recruit additional riders. War is inevitable.

A new quiz is offering the chance to claim a name from House of the Dragon. A Game of Thrones prequel, the show depicts the bloody struggle between Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen and King Aegon Targaryen as both pursue rival claims to the highly-desired Iron Throne. With both sides bringing dragons, armies, and fire and blood, Rhaenyra is prepared to lead the Blacks against Aegon’s Greens after the tragic ending of season 1 saw the murder of her son, Lucerys.

House of the Dragon season 2 is sure to be brutal, but Reddit users tyrion2024 and I_Am_Become_Dream are giving viewers the opportunity to take on Targaryen identities of their own before the true battle begins. Check out the post below:

Targaryen name quiz by Reddit user tyrion2024

The quiz offers three different qualifiers that can each influence the eventual Targaryen name. The first initial of an original name, combined with the birth month and gender produces a distinct name that would easily fit in with the cast of bloodthirsty Targaryens. There is one mistake in the quiz, as the initial “F” is missing, but I_Am_Become_Dream has clarified that the letter would equate to “Cor“.

Targaryen Life Is About To Get Worse

Daemon Targaryen giving side eye in House of the Dragon

As much as it might seem fun to procure a Targaryen name before House of the Dragon season 2 is released, the reality is not quite so simple. Any reasonable character in the universe will be looking for ways to escape that war. After Aegon’s brother Aemond murdered Lucerys Velaryon, Rhaenyra and Daemon will be out for blood. The fight for the Iron Throne was one that might have been solved bloodlessly, if Rhaenyra and Alicent could have achieved an amicable resolution. The murder complicates everything and ruins any chance that the Targaryens had of avoiding civil war.

With the future of Westeros and the very survival of their families at stake, the two factions will stop at nothing to achieve victory. Daemon is currently hoping to hatch dragon eggs and even to recruit the few unclaimed wild dragons, which could indicate that he seeks to find additional riders as well. The Blacks already have more dragons than the Greens, but their armies are likely to be considerably smaller. Daemon could very well be intending to rely solely on dragon fire to achieve victory, much as Aegon the Conqueror did initially.

Rhaenyra is also likely to want some personal form of vengeance against Alicent. After Otto Hightower convinced her to avoid a direct confrontation by reiterating Alicent’s love for her, Alicent’s son murdered Rhaenyra’s child. Unless Rhaenyra can find it in herself to forgive Alicent, she will likely want justice. Alicent previously sought an eye-for-an-eye when Lucerys took Aemond’s eye, so execution may not be out of Rhaenyra’s goals. No matter how House of the Dragon season 2 progresses, there will be blood and war.

Source: tyrion2024 & I_Am_Become_Dream / Reddit

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