Ahead of his impending debut on Superman & Lois, Lex Luthor was already mentioned. Here’s what’s known about the show’s version of the villain.

Superman & Lois season 3 is set to introduce Lex Luthor, a character already confirmed to exist within the show’s universe. Based on casting details, it’s known that the Man of Steel is on a collision course with his comic book archrival in The CW series. The Walking Dead actor Michael Cudlitz has been cast to play the character.

Superman and Lois Lane look to have their hands full when their story continues. So far, two criminal masterminds are already confirmed to appear in season 3. The Superman & Lois season 2 finale teased the arrival of Intergang leader Bruno Mannheim, who will be played by another Walking Dead alum, Chad Coleman. Both characters could be conspiring to bring down Superman. And while Clark has reasons to be concerned about each of them, Lex Luthor’s impending debut on the show comes with arguably the biggest implications. After all, he has a well-earned reputation as the Big Blue Boy Scout’s greatest enemy.

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What Superman & Lois Season 1 Said About Lex Luthor

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Superman & Lois’ Lex hasn’t been seen yet, but he has been mentioned. He was brought up in season 1 back when Clark and Lois were under the impression that Steel was “Captain Luthor.” At the time, it was presumed that they were talking about Jon Cryer’s take on the character, but that assumption was proven wrong by the confirmation that the show isn’t part of the Arrowverse. As for what the villain’s connection is to Superman, it was made apparent by Clark and Lois’ conversation that they’ve been at odds with him in the past. It was also said by Clark in “Man of Steel” that Lex is “a public figure,” which is in line with how the character is usually portrayed in Superman stories.

What Lex’s Story In Superman & Lois Season 3 Could Be

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Since it’s clear that Superman knows Lex Luthor, it’s likely that the latter will already regard the hero as an enemy when he makes his first appearance. Since that’s likely to be the case, there’s a good chance Superman will have a target on his back before he even tries to stop Lex. Described as a “visionary billionaire” and “brutal psychopath who terrorizes anyone he crosses paths with” in the report that confirmed Cudlitz’ casting, Lex is primed to be a sinister antagonist to the main characters and someone who can push Superman and Lois to their limits. It seems he’s already familiar with both, which is why he should be prepared for any attempts by Superman and Lois to beat him.

Any plans he’ll have outside of beating Superman are unclear, but his comic history suggests that his storyline is intertwined with Bruno Mannheim’s. Lex controlled Intergang at one point in the comics, so it’s entirely possible that their operations will be of interest to him in Superman & Lois season 3. They deal in alien tech, so it’s easy to see why their activities would attract Lex’s attention. Depending on how Superman’s conflict with Mannheim plays out, Lex could wind up trying – and succeeding – to take the reins of Intergang away from Coleman’s character.

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