Will Ferrell hilariously sings a specific song during the Catalina Wine Mixer at the end of his iconic comedy, Step Brothers. Step Brothers has remained one of Will Ferrell’s most successful movies since its release in 2008. The movie grossed over $120 million against a roughly $60 million budget, making it a commercial success as well as a huge pop culture hit.


Step Brothers is full of quotable moments and memorable scenes, but one the most commonly referred to comes near the end of the film when Brennan (Will Ferrell) is hosting the Catalina Wine Mixer and invites Dale’s (John C. Reilly) catering company to provide the food. The whole family reunites for the wine mixer, with Robert (Richard Jenkins) and Nancy (Mary Steenburgen) coming to support Brennan and Dale’s newfound stability. This leads to one of the movie’s most iconic scenes, when, following the abrupt departure of the event’s band, Dale and Brennan step in and save the day by singing this song.

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Will Ferrell Sings Por Ti Volare In Step Brothers’ Ending

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Will Ferrell’s Brennan sings “Por Ti Volare” at the Catalina Wine Mixer in Step Brothers. “Por Ti Volare” is a Spanish cover of Andrea Bocelli’s “Con Te Partiro.” This moment pays off Brennan’s insistence earlier in the movie that he is an incredible singer. He sings for Dale in their room, and Dale hilariously describes his voice as “a combination of Fergie and Jesus.” Before that, Brennan had never sung in front of another person, which makes his performance at the Catalina Wine Mixer a huge moment for his character.

The Catalina Wine Mixer ends up being an excellent way to end Step Brothers because it provides a nice way to tie up Brennan and Dale’s arcs. Much is made of the Catalina Wine Mixer in the comedy, which provides a nice build-up to the scenes that take place there. Brennan and his brother, Adam Scott’s Derek, make an especially big deal about it, which is understandable for Derek because it’s a significant source of income for his Helicopter leasing agency.

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Does Will Ferrell Actually Sing In Step Brothers?

Yes, Will Ferrell does actually sing in Step Brothers, making that scene even more hilarious, and it’s also John C. Reilly truly playing the drums in this scene. Ferrell and Reilly make a hilarious duo, especially because of stunts like this. Neither of them is scared to film anything, and they can sometimes surprise with skills like playing the drums or singing. Goofy as they are, Ferrell and Reilly are talented individuals who constantly prove there is nothing they won’t do for a laugh. This is on full display in Step Brothers and virtually any movie the two make together.

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