• Christopher Nolan’s next movie remains a mystery, as he has not confirmed any details about his upcoming project after Oppenheimer’s release.
  • Nolan’s support for Hollywood strikes means he won’t work on his next film until they are over, despite having a potential idea in mind.
  • Based on Nolan’s career pattern, it is likely that his next movie will be an original idea, and the possibilities could range from exploring artificial intelligence to aliens.

Now that Oppenheimer has been released, questions about what is Christopher Nolan‘s next movie continue to persist. The 2023 biopic about J. Robert Oppenheimer and the creation of the atomic bomb became another example of the incredible power Nolan holds. The 3-hour long R-rated drama earned him the best reviews of his career and managed to become a surprise box office hit, even by the director’s standards. The technical expertise on display in Oppenheimer and his evolution as a storyteller proves that there are no signs he is slowing down. That makes the interest in Christopher Nolan’s next movie quite high.

From the very beginning of Christopher Nolan’s directing career, he has set a precedent that audiences can expect a new movie from him every two or three years. The exact gap often depends on the size of the previous movie and how quickly he manages to find the inspiration or idea for his next blockbuster. Christopher Nolan’s movie future has some added wrinkles to it after Oppenheimer due to his studio relationships and the state of Hollywood. As Oppenheimer‘s success continues, here is everything known about what is Christopher Nolan’s next movie.

Christopher Nolan Has Not Confirmed His Next Movie After Oppenheimer

Christopher Nolan directing Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer

It has not been confirmed in any way what Christopher Nolan’s new movie will be after Oppenheimer. The filmmaker spent nearly three years developing and making the biopic and is not entirely done with it, as the acclaim likely means he will spend time on the awards circuit trying to win his first Oscar. This means that Christopher Nolan’s mind could remain locked in on Oppenheimer through March 2024 before he shifts focus to what he could do next. It is not known if he even has a direct idea already in place for his next story, whether it be an original idea, franchise play, or another historical story.

Even if a firm idea was in place for Christopher Nolan’s next movie after Oppenheimer, the filmmaker has confirmed that he will not work on anything else until Hollywood’s strikes end. Although the DGA is not on strike, Nolan has affirmed his support for the WGA writers and SAG-AFTRA actors who are on strike. He told BBC News that he would “absolutely” not work on his next movie until the strikes are over, saying “This is not about me, this is not about the stars of my film.” Nolan has even been seen on the picket lines in support.

James Bond 26 Is Unlikely To Be Christopher Nolan’s Next Movie


One movie that can likely be ruled out to be Christopher Nolan’s next movie after Oppenheimer is James Bond 26. The James Bond franchise is in the early stages of preparing for a reboot now that Daniel Craig’s time as 007 is officially over. Nolan has long been a favorite suggestion to direct the British spy movies ever since he revealed his affinity for the franchise over a decade ago. This has led to repeated rumors in the past about MGM and Eon approaching Christopher Nolan to direct a James Bond movie. With the reboot plans in motion for the 26th installment, these hopes are high again.

The problem with the idea of Christopher Nolan’s next movie being a James Bond reboot is that he is not sure the time is right for him. During an interview with the Happy Sad Confused Podcast, Nolan said that he’d “have to be really needed… be really wanted in terms of bringing the totality of what you bring to the character” to accept the opportunity. Otherwise, he’s happy to be part of the franchise as an audience member. While his interest in directing a James Bond movie in general has not waned, it does not sound like he’s itching to do so right now.

Nolan’s Career Pattern Indicates His Next Movie Will Be An Original Idea

Leonardo Di Caprio from Inception, Cillain Murphy from Oppenheimer, and Christian Bale from The Dark Knight

One potential hint at what Christopher Nolan’s next movie could be might be found in how he has handled his career so far. The director has established a very distinct pattern for the types of movies he makes. After making two original thrillers to kickstart his career in Following and Memento, Nolan shifted his focus to adaptations and remakes with Insomnia and Batman Begins. This marked the beginning of a trend where Christopher Nolan’s movies alternate between being an original idea or something based on an established story or character, whether they be fictional or real. This pattern has remained for the last nine Nolan movies.

During the midst of his Dark Knight trilogy, he made The Prestige and Inception to make original movies. Christopher Nolan then made Interstellar after The Dark Knight Rises to get back to his original sci-fi ideas. From here, he made a true story adaptation in Dunkirk, another new original sci-fi movie in Tenet, and then another true story adaptation with Oppenheimer. Unless Christopher Nolan breaks this career pattern for his 13th movie, the trend suggests that another original story is coming next. The only question is if it will be another thriller, sci-fi mystery, or see Christopher Nolan master a new genre.

The possibility of Christopher Nolan’s next movie being an original idea means that it is incredibly difficult to predict what it will be about. The director has a fascination with time and loves exploring major sci-fi concepts in his original stories. The odds point to these same cornerstones remaining as Nolan looks to explore a new corner of science fiction. He’s tackled cloning, dream heists, space travel, and time travel already. Given the rise of AI in the real world, Nolan could be the latest director to put his spin on the dangers of artificial intelligence, or he might look at aliens.

3 Unmade Movies Christopher Nolan Could Make Next After Oppenheimer

The Prisoner Christopher Nolan

If Christopher Nolan’s next venture breaks his trend and is another adaptation of some sort, there are three unmade movies he could circle back around to. Building on the success of Oppenheimer, Nolan might think he is now primed to do the Howard Hughes biopic he developed in the early 2000s. The movie was meant to star Jim Carrey as the legendary businessman, producer, and pilot. Nolan’s Howard Hughes movie was scrapped after Martin Scorsese made The Aviator in 2004, which was nominated for 11 Oscars including Best Picture. But, perhaps two decades is a long enough gap for Nolan to put his spin on Hughes’ life.

Another unmade Christopher Nolan movie idea he could revisit is adapting the mystery novel The Keys to the Street by Ruth Rendell. The book is about a woman who investigates a series of murders and was released in 1996. Nolan became attached to a movie adaptation before deciding to make Batman Begins, leaving The Keys to the Street‘s adaptation without much progress for nearly two decades. There was also a time when Christopher Nolan remaking The Prisoner as a movie was in the cards, which would have seen him put a new spin on the spy TV series.

Will Christopher Nolan Make Tenet 2 Next?

Christopher Nolan and John David Washington as Protagonist in Tenet

If Christopher Nolan’s next movie is an original, it could mean continuing his most recent potential franchise starter with Tenet. The 2020 sci-fi movie left the door open for another adventure featuring John David Washington’s The Protagonist, and the actor has confirmed his interest in making the sequel. Christopher Nolan has not specifically addressed the possibility of making Tenet 2, but it would be an intriguing option for the next step in his career. The original movie was caught in a COVID controversy due to differences between Nolan and Warner Bros. about how it should be released, leading to their longtime partnership ending with Oppenheimer.

It has been reported that Warner Bros. wants to bring Christopher Nolan back to the studio he called home for so many years. Oppenheimer‘s performance gives Nolan plenty of leverage in any potential negotiations to return. This could include positioning WB to green light Tenet 2 as a first step in repairing the relationship and securing a long exclusive theatrical release for the sequel. There is no tangible evidence that a Tenet sequel will be Christopher Nolan‘s next movie, but it could be a great middle-ground for the filmmaker to return to franchise movie-making by directing his first original sequel.

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