Southern Charm was a hit with viewers when it premiered in 2014, and it’s time to talk about what happened to the cast of the less successful Bravo spinoff, Southern Charm Savannah. New iterations of popular shows don’t always live up to their promise, but this series seemed to have a chance. Unfortunately, it was canceled after season 3.

Southern Charm Savannah premiered in May 2017. Whitney-Sudler Smith, the man behind the original Southern Charm, came back as an executive producer, in the hopes creating another hit. The OG series was meant to shed light on high society cast members, and was set within Georgia’s oldest city, Charleston, which made Southern Charm’s backdrop picturesque. Just like Charleston, Savannah is full of history and hierarchy. Each new cast member (Catherine Cooper, Ashley Borders, Daniel Eichholz, Hannah Pearson, Louis Oswald, Nelson Lewis, and Lyle Mackenzie) was trying to seal their legacy by making a mark on the world.


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Where Is The Cast Of Southern Charm Savannah Now

Like many former reality TV stars, most Southern Charm Savannah celebs faded into the background after the show aired. However, of course, they did continue on with the lives they were leading before reality fame. Some have stayed in Georgia, and there are cast members who’ve settled down, or started their own businesses. All have chosen to stay away from the reality TV limelight.

Southerm Charm Savannah – Lyle Mackenzie

Lyle was one of the most loved Southern Charm Savannah stars. Onscreen, he was trying to make his relationship with Catherine work. After an uncomfortable proposal, the couple went their separate ways, and Lyle seems to have moved on to other romantic pursuits. He has mostly removed himself from social media, but his Twitter still reveals his thoughts on the show. While he doesn’t have any children of his own, the Southern Charm Savannah alum spends a lot of time with his goddaughter at the beach.

Southern Charm Savannah – Catherine Cooper

Since leaving Southern Charm Savannah, Catherine has been working with Sotheby’s International Realty. There doesn’t seem to be a man in her life (or maybe she doesn’t post about him.) However, Catherine is still the firecracker personality who lit up screens. Catherine grew up in the Isle of Hope area, which had its own “southern charm.” She now lives in downtown Savannah’s Historic District. According to her Sotheby’s International Realty bio, the Southern Charm spin-off star supported the Alzheimer’s Association, by participating in the Alzheimer’s Dancing Stars fundraising event. She has been on that committee for years.

Southern Charm Savannah – Ashley Borders

Ashley was considered the black sheep of the cast, as she left Savannah to explore the world. Ashley was also a polarizing character, who got into trouble for some unfavorable remarks. After her divorce from Dennis, the couple remarried, but then divorced for the second time in 2017. Southern Charm Savannah viewers may be happy to learn that Ashley went on to marry composer Aaron Zigman. Ashley is still close to her son, Izzy. When not touring with her husband, Ashley works on her venture, Butter Radish, which is her own textile company. Ashley has moved on from her reputation as an untrustworthy Southern Charm cast member.

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Southern Charm Savannah – Daniel Eichholz

Without a doubt, Daniel was the coolest of the bunch, as he always had a good head on his shoulders. Daniel had strong family ties to Savannah, with his relatives going all the way back to the Revolutionary War. After working at his family’s law firm for ten years, the Bravo star decided to spread his wings and start his own company, Get Cases, which helps to connect clients with attorneys across the United States. According to Daniel’s Linkedin, he also founded Broughton Partners, which is an innovative legal marketing and case acquisition company. He hasn’t shared if he is dating or single, but Daniel is a proud uncle.

Southern Charm Savannah – Hannah Pearson

SOUTHERN CHARM hannah pearson in red shirt

Hannah always had a love and drive for fashion while on Southern Charm Savannah, and she is clearly thriving after her Southern Charm season, Hannah chose to stay local, and opened up her own online boutique called Shop Hannah. The fashionista’s goal was to create effortless pieces that intertwined with contemporary style. The collection only consisted of three wraps at first, and the artwork was done by her sister, Hattie. In a post on her social media back in 2020, she made a note that after eight and half years, she decided to move back to her hometown of Atlanta.

Southern Charm Savannah – Louis Oswald

The last time Southern Charm Savannah fans saw Louis and Hannah together was in a post taken back in December 2020, two days before Christmas. There still doesn’t seem to be a wedding ring on Louis’s right finger, so it is safe to say that the two are still taking it slow. They may have finally gone their separate ways, becoming one of the many Southern Charm break ups. Louis founded The JL Brand in 2011, which was a company dedicated to socks. Each sock was made in the U.S., and it seems like Louis still has a brick-and-mortar store located in Savannah.

Southern Charm Savannah – Nelson Lewis

By far, Nelson has had the hardest journey, thanks to fans questioning his sexuality. When Southern Charm Savannah first aired, Nelson had to deal with questions from those who thought he was gay, solely based on superficial insights, such as opinions about his clothing and demeanor. Nelson denied the claims, but the chatter about him continued, as it was revealed that Nelson once impersonated a senator. This happened when he was very publicly involved in politics. The future reality star once worked for Fox News. Recently, Nelson has been more private, but his Instagram reveals that he works in the automotive industry. Nelson and other Southern Charm Savannah members have evolved since the series ended, and probably enjoyed their brief stints as “Bravolebrities.”

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