My 600-lb Life season 6 star Schenee Murry was one of the heaviest participants the show had ever encountered, and it’s time to share am update about how she’s doing. Initially weighing in at 721 pounds, Schenee’s BMI was nearly five times the suggested average for someone of her height. As a patient of Dr. Now, who traditionally has his patients lose weight naturally with diet and exercise before they are able to have bariatric surgery, Schenee was looking for a way to change her life for good. Over the years, she had tried to lose weight on her own but failed repeatedly.


After meeting with the doctor and understanding the risks associated with weight loss surgery, Schenee was given weight loss targets to reach from My 600-lb Life’s Dr. Nowzaradan. Unfortunately, she didn’t meet her goals by the time she had her next appointment, and wound up being hospitalized. In the hospital, Schenee managed to drop 91 pounds, but had a difficult time maintaining her weight loss once she was released. She wound up gaining some of her weight back and ultimately, cut off contact with Dr. Now after she found it too difficult to meet his standards.

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Did Schenee Murry Lose Weight After My 600-Lb Life?

While Schenee claims that she has lost weight since her time on My 600-lb Life, it is unclear if this is actually true. After the show, Schenee started a fundraiser in order to raise money for weight loss surgery she may have in the future. Though she raised some funds, it is uncertain whether she has actually had weight loss surgery, though Schenee claims to have lost 300 pounds since her time on the show. Schenee posts regularly on her social media pages, including Instagram and YouTube, but rarely gives updates on her health unless she is asking for support. It is clear that the My 600-lb Life star has not made as much progress as she would have liked to when she first met with Dr. Now to change her life.

Why Has Schenee Murry Struggled Since My 600-Lb Life?

Schenee’s issues with weight loss stem from trauma that she has yet to resolve and move on from. Unfortunately, her life was incredibly troubled prior to her time on My 600-lb Life, as she was sexually abused when she was younger and had dealt with difficulties in her adult life, including fertility issues. With Schenee uninterested in sticking to Dr. Now’s program and ultimately deciding to quit before she was able to be helped, it is clear that even though Schenee knows she needs help, she is unwilling to actually take it when it is offered to her.

While My 600-lb Life does share the stories of various patients who succeed with their weight loss, the stories of those who don’t are just as important to air. While they are more difficult to watch, the stories where patients struggle and ultimately give up are incredibly realistic, and sadly, relatable to many. Though Schenee is not taking her weight loss as seriously as she could be, the fact that Schenee understands she has a problem tends to be the first step to solving things.

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