Selling Sunset season 6 will be returning without one of its original cast members, fan-favorite Maya Vander. As one of the original real estate agents to appear in the series that follows The Oppenheim Group, Maya has a blunt manner of speaking and a knack for getting her client’s incredible deals on their luxury homes. Appearing in the initial few seasons of Selling Sunset, Maya has always been career focused and managed to stay out of the drama, staying friends with all the women at The Oppenheim Group despite their ongoing feuds. Choosing not to return for Selling Sunset season 6 may not have been a tough decision.


Maya was bi-coastal throughout the series, as her husband and family lived in Miami while she showed listings in both Florida and California. After giving birth to her son between the first two seasons of Selling Sunset and a daughter between the second and third, Maya was pregnant again during Selling Sunset season 4 but tragically lost her baby at nearly full term. After such a late-term loss, Maya decided to re-prioritize things and moved to Miami full-time, leaving The Oppenheim Group after many years working for twins Jason Oppenheim and Brett Oppenheim. Since Maya left Selling Sunset, she’s been through good and bad times, sharing her life with her followers.

Maya Vander Opened Her Own Real Estate Group

After moving to Miami, Maya began working with a different real estate brokerage, Compass, which backs her current group, The Maya Vander Group. Along with several other real estate agents who Maya manages, she sells luxury homes in the Miami area, all while maintaining the reputation of her firm. As Maya spent the majority of her career working for The Oppenheim Group, Maya has the knowledge and ability to keep her clients and employees happy after learning from Jason and Brett through the years.

Maya Vander Had Another Child After Facing Pregnancy Loss

Maya dealt with an incredibly tragic loss prior to her leaving Selling Sunset, which set off a course of events that led her to Miami. After suffering a miscarriage, Maya got pregnant with her third child, but when she was nine months pregnant, she began facing some complications that caused her child to be stillborn. After dealing with such tremendous loss, Maya moved to Miami to be closer to her family. Maya welcomed a third child in May 2023 with her husband, finding the light at the end of the tunnel after a harrowing loss.

While Maya has dealt with some of the most difficult things life can offer, she’s come out on the other side stronger for it. After choosing to prioritize her family and moving to Miami, she’s found success in her career with her own real estate group and seems to be enjoying her time being close to her husband and children. With a new daughter to raise and a group of strong female real estate agents to manage, Maya seems to be doing great after Selling Sunset.

Sources: The Maya Vander Group/Instagram

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