Marla McCants, who is one of the most successful patients to come out of My 600-lb Life, was aided entirely by her daughter Sierra McCants throughout her life. Though My 600-lb Life is typically focused on Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, AKA Dr. Now’s, patients who are in desperate need of help with their health, the families surrounding the patients are often featured in episodes of the series. Sierra was shown throughout Marla’s episode as a supportive daughter who wanted the best for her mother, but she was having a tough time being patient with Marla after her surgery. Sierra, one of Marla’s three children, had taken on helping her mother with everything.

Marla’s inability to move made it difficult for her to do any task and Sierra uprooted her life to move to Texas with her mother in order to be treated by My 600-lb Life‘s Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. After Marla’s weight loss surgery, Sierra grew frustrated with her mother, as she felt she was not doing everything she could to keep up with her weight loss and move forward. Sierra was hard on her mother, but eventually, the tough love worked on Marla, and she was able to finally get out of bed, pushing forward to ultimately lose 560 pounds, bringing her down to around 225 pounds.

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My 600-lb Life’s Sierra Has Relocated To Nashville & Has A New Job

While Marla is nearly unrecognizable after weight loss surgery, her daughter Sierra is leading a more private life. Sierra’s social media presence is private, but her Instagram bio claims she is, “1 you (heart emoji) 2 hate.” The My 600-lb Life star has relocated from Texas back to Nashville, where she works as an apprentice at Local 572, a union formed to support plumbers, pipefitters, and HVAC service technicians. According to an interview with WPLN, Sierra “got into the skilled trades during the height of the pandemic…when she enrolled in a local program called Music City Construction Careers.” She seems to enjoy her work and the freedom it comes with now that she doesn’t have to take care of Marla.

Sierra McCants Cared For Her Mother During My 600-lb Life

Sierra’s care was necessary for Marla to live due to her inability to stand up or be mobile in any way. During Marla’s episode of My 600-lb Life, it was Sierra pushed her to finally get up out of bed once she had her weight loss surgery. Though her mother was uncertain, Sierra took care of her around the clock to make sure that My 600-lb Life’s Marla was supported and able to stand before asking her to do so. It was clear that Sierra missed her freedom while caring for her mother, and after Marla’s weight loss, Sierra was able to pursue a whole new life outside her role as caregiver.

With many patients taking on the challenge of a lifetime on My 600-lb Life, it can be difficult to see past the difficulties they are facing to understand how their lives are impacting their loved ones. The people surrounding Dr. Now’s patients are working just as hard, sometimes harder, to ensure their families and friends are getting healthy in the safest way possible. For caregivers like Sierra, watching her mother, who appeared on My 600-lb Life, succeed has likely been an incredible reward after a lot of hard work.

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