Warning: this article contains spoilers for XO, Kitty! XO, Kitty tells the story of Kitty Song Covey, but To All The Boys fans can rest easy now that the series reveals what happens to Lara Jean. Serving as a spinoff to the To All the Boys movie series, XO, Kitty follows Lara Jean Covey’s little sister Kitty, who decides to study abroad in Korea to be closer to her boyfriend, Dae. At her Korean school KISS, Kitty gets much more than she bargained for, leading her to discover herself in the process. However, while some of Kitty’s family appears in XO, Kitty, Lara Jean doesn’t, begging the question of what happens to her after To All the Boys: Always and Forever.


Thankfully, even though Kitty’s sisters don’t physically appear in XO, Kitty, the spinoff show still provides some updates on how they’re doing after the To All the Boys movies. After Lara Jean and Peter go to different colleges in To All the Boys: Always and Forever, the question of whether they are able to handle the distance permeates its spinoff, XO, Kitty. While XO, Kitty’s chief focus is telling a unique story about Kitty’s self-discovery, the spinoff still manages to update Lara Jean and Peter’s fate while staying true to its own goals and characters.

XO, Kitty Confirms Lara Jean & Peter Are Still Together

kitty in xo, kitty episode 3

XO, Kitty is first and foremost about the adventures of Kitty Song Covey, but despite this, Kitty’s spinoff still reveals what her family members are up to after the events of the To All the Boys movies. The only family members to appear on-screen are Kitty’s dad and her stepmother, but Kitty also reveals that Margot is still living in the UK towards the end of XO, Kitty. However, the most significant family member that Kitty gives an update on is Lara Jean and her To All The Boys love interest, Peter, who are still confirmed to be together during the events of XO, Kitty.

In XO, Kitty episode 3, Kitty specifically mentions what happens to Lara Jean and Peter after To All the Boys: Always and Forever. While citing her credentials as a matchmaker to Q, Kitty says, “My sister, Lara Jean, was in a fake relationship with her boyfriend, Peter, […] and they’re still together.” Lara Jean and Peter staying together after the To All the Boys series is a great development for the characters that also provides closure to fans of the original movies.

Why XO, Kitty Needed To Confirm What Happened To Lara Jean

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XO, Kitty made the right choice by focusing on Kitty without rehashing the events of the To All the Boys movies. Granted, as a direct spinoff, XO, Kitty had an obligation to discuss what happens to Lara Jean. With Lara Jean being the main character of the To All the Boys movies, it would be odd if XO, Kitty made no reference to her, considering there has been so much investment into her relationship with Peter. However, since Kitty and Lara Jean are sisters, XO, Kitty can give an update on Lara Jean and Peter that feels natural while also remaining true to the heart of the show: Kitty.

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