Characters often come and go in Chicago PD, while some never return, like Hank Voight’s son Justin, who was last seen during the season 3 finale. Justin, played by Josh Segarra, had a difficult past, and his father was often bailing him out of trouble while he was growing up. But no one could ever question Voight’s love for Justin. From the moment both characters appeared, it was clear that Voight would do anything to protect his son.


Voight and Justin made their One Chicago debuts during Chicago Fire season 1, episode 3 when Justin got into a car accident that Firehouse 51 responded to. He was drinking when he crashed into a car containing a father and his young son. The accident paralyzed the boy from the waist down, and this is when Voight’s infamous feud with Matt Casey began. Much to Voight’s dismay and (illegal) efforts to convince him otherwise, Casey reported Justin’s drunken state. The DUI, coupled with his past few run-ins with the law, sent Justin to prison, but he was released during Chicago PD season 1. Afterward, he managed to clean up his act, joined the military, got married, and had a son. However, that all came to an end when Justin died during the Chicago PD season 3 finale, marking Segarra’s exit from the NBC series.

Justin Knew Intelligence’s Victim In Chicago PD Season 3 Finale

Justin Voight, played by Josh Segarra, wears a dark leather jacket over a black hoodie and a dark blue shirt in Chicago PD season 3.

The Voight family was celebrating Justin’s son’s first birthday at the beginning of Chicago PD season 3, episode 23 when Voight and Lindsay responded to a late-night call about a murder. A woman named Melissa Wilds was shot and left for dead in the trunk of her car. As the Intelligence Unit investigated the crime, they discovered that Justin knew Melissa — she was the wife of his late friend he met during army training. He visited Melissa in the city two months before her murder without informing his father, which immediately set alarm bells off in some of the detectives’ heads.

Mouse accessed Melissa’s phone records and found out that Justin had called Melissa 30 minutes before she died. Halstead took the information straight to Voight and Lindsay, and they frantically tried to get a hold of Justin. He wasn’t answering their calls, and Justin’s wife Olive was worried about her husband’s sudden disappearance. So the cops tracked Justin’s car to a parking garage. Unfortunately, when Voight and Lindsay arrived at the scene, they were met with the worst-case scenario.

Justin Gets Killed Trying To Help A Friend

Voight and Lindsay found Justin tied up and shot in the head in the trunk of his car in the Chicago PD season 3 finale. He still had a pulse, so they rushed him to Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, where the doctors worked tirelessly to save Justin’s life. In the meantime, the Intelligence Unit dug deeper into Justin and Melissa’s connection to figure out who would want to harm them, and Voight prepared to do whatever it took to seek vengeance for his son. He even grabbed $90,000 from his safe to entice informants to provide any information about the shootings.

Voight later discovered that Justin had borrowed money from one of Voight’s shady friends to help Melissa. At Melissa’s law firm, Lindsay and Halstead learned that she had worked a class action suit the year prior which resulted in multiple mesothelioma patients earning $1 million in payouts. After putting all the puzzle pieces together, the cops realized that a robbery crew was forcing Melissa into giving out the names of the plaintiffs so that they could rob them. Justin was trying to help Melissa escape the ring when the group killed her and later shot Justin for good measure. So instead of reverting to his old criminal ways like some previously thought, Justin was just doing what he thought was the right thing. Sadly, trying to help his army buddy’s widow led to his death. Despite their best efforts to save him, the doctors at Med declared Justin brain-dead, and Olive decided to pull him off of life support in Chicago PD​​​​​​.

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Voight Takes Revenge On His Son’s Death

Voight tortures a suspect in Chicago PD

It’s no secret that Chicago PD‘s Voight isn’t the most honorable police officer on television. He has a shady past and suspicious connections, and other Chicago law officials often described him as a “dirty cop.” But right when it seemed like Voight was turning a new leaf, someone murdered his son, and he wanted revenge. Voight believed that someone had to pay for Justin’s murder, and he would use whatever means necessary to get justice for his child.

The cop visited Justin one last time, and as he lay lifeless on a hospital bed, Voight cradled his head and whispered, “You did good.” Afterward, Voight tracked down the man who killed Justin — Kevin Bingham. Despite Lindsay’s previous reminder that he was now a grandfather, Voight was ready to end Kevin’s life for stealing his son from him. Voight sent the other cops on a wild goose chase while he persuaded his aforementioned shady friends to kidnap Kevin and bring the murderer to the silos, where Voight was waiting for him. As the rain dramatically poured down on them, Voight forced Kevin to dig his own grave and plead for his life. Lindsay, who knew Voight better than anyone, arrived and tried to convince him not to go through with his revenge. However, she quickly realized that it was useless and drove away before Voight shot Kevin and buried him in the grave.

During the season 4 premiere, Commander Emma Crowley was suspicious of Voight, so she tracked his car to the silos on the night he killed Kevin. However, Lindsay, who had discovered Crowley was onto Voight, moved Kevin’s body, so when the commander had the site dug up, she found nothing. Voight ultimately got away with murder, but that didn’t take the pain of losing Justin away in Chicago PD.

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