My 600-lb Life occasionally airs shocking episodes, and no patient has been more shocking recently than Chris Parsons. Chris worked with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan (commonly referred to as “Dr. Now”) to aid in his health journey, which usually includes preparation and recovery from weight loss surgery. Though the goal isn’t always weight loss surgery for patients who have a high amount of weight to lose, it is typically the avenue they go down to reach their healthiest weight. Dr. Now says he’s helping them build a healthy lifestyle long-term, which sometimes includes surgical intervention.


Chris, who first weighed in at 620 pounds, decided to make a change in his diet with the help of My 600-lb Life‘s Dr. Now. For the long-term benefits and the sake of his daughter, Chris dedicated himself to his health and managed to lose over 250 pounds. By the end of his My 600-lb Life episode, Chris had dropped to 364 pounds on his own, without weight loss surgery. Though it was approved for him, he decided to decline the surgery and continue to work on his health on his own, documenting it all on his Instagram account for viewers to follow along with.

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Chris Decided Not To Go Through With Surgery On My 600-lb Life

While Chris has explained that he feels weight loss surgery is a great option for some, he wanted to try to get his weight under control on his own if possible. During his episode of My 600-lb Life, he chatted with Dr. Now and decided against having surgery to further his weight loss after he’d been so successful without it. Speaking to Distractify, Chris explained, “I strongly believe that if you can do it without major surgery, you should… If you can naturally lose weight, I believe that is the healthiest option.” After losing over 250 pounds during his episode of My 600-lb Life, Chris is well on his way.

Chris’ Family Got In On His My 600-Lb Life Journey

Chris wanted to lose weight for himself and his daughter, Zooey, in order to be more mobile and spend more time with her. After starting his program, cutting out unhealthy foods, and beginning to exercise, the My 600-lb Life stars family wanted to support him and decided to join in on the endeavor. His mother and brother both began to eat within his diet as well and saw their own progress, even with less weight to lose. While Chris wanted to get healthy for his family, the fact that his family also chose to improve their health along the way is a wonderful added bonus.

Though some episodes of My 600-lb Life can be more heartbreaking than others, some are different without having to be painful. Chris’ episode showed that while weight loss surgery is a great option for some, it doesn’t necessarily need to be the only option for a successful health journey. The My 600-lb Life star is still working to take more weight off, and continues to document his process all on his own.

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