Big Brother star Dan Gheesling first competed in season 10, where he formed the Renegades alliance with Memphis Garrett, and took home $500,000.

Dan Gheesling first competed on Big Brother 10, where he formed the Renegades alliance with Memphis Garrett, and took home the $500,000 grand prize. On BB10, which aired in 2008, Dan was a 24-year-old Catholic school teacher. In the end, he won the installment by a unanimous vote. While it’s been years since BB10, that season is still considered one of the most memorable. Dan is a great Big Brother player, along with Derrick Levasseur and Dr. Will Kirby.

Four years after his first appearance, Big Brother‘s Dan Gheesling returned to the competition as a BB14 coach. As with his first season, he didn’t shy away from taking big risks. Over the course of a few weeks, the coaches were all turned into regular houseguests. On that installment, Dan shocked the house when he decided to host his own funeral, infamously known as Dan’s Funeral. He was ultimately the runner-up, while Ian Terry won the season. This meant that Dan was the first contestant to make it to the Final 2 twice.

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Big Brother’s Dan Has No Plans To Return

In 2022, Dan gave insight into his Big Brother career in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, where he reminisced about old seasons, and addressed the issue of whether he would return. Dan stated, “For me, it’s a non-option for a couple of reasons. The number one reason is my family…So I just don’t see that happening ever.” Although some Big Brother veterans return for guest spot appearances or host competitions, Dan’s answer reveals that he is more focused on family. However, the response hasn’t stopped the speculation.

Big Brother’s Dan Should Play Again

A headshot of Dan Gheesling from Big Brother 14.

Before Big Brother All-Stars 22 began, there was speculation that Dan would finally return to compete on the show. However, that wasn’t the case. With Big Brother season 22 widely considered a fairly big disappointment, one had to wonder if it would’ve been significantly better if the rumors had been true. Dan still watched and tweeted about this season on occasion. Even if he doesn’t return to Big Brother, Dan could always try his luck on similar shows like The Traitors. He is a part of Big Brother history, and was given a nod to his iconic “funeral” on the BB22 kitchen mural.

In the years since BB14, Dan has become a popular gaming live streamer and social media influencer. He started a YouTube channel in 2013, and primarily appears there, and on Twitch. A significant moment in his post-Big Brother career was in 2018, when he was the first person to interview the UltimaOnline player known as StraightStupid. The former teacher has two young sons, Miles and Desmond, and a daughter, Celine, with his wife Chelsea Gheesling. The family currently lives in Michigan, where Dan was born and raised. Dan’s life has certainly changed since his appearance on Big Brother 14.

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