Naked and Afraid season 12’s Andrew Shayde is returning for the 15th installment of the survivalist competition, and he’s been busy since his first appearance on the show. The Discovery series, which has been airing since 2013, gives survivalists true challenges to face. They are dropped into desolate locations with only one personal item apiece, and partners that they’ve never met before. Left naked and without food, shelter, or gear of any kind, participants must survive for 21 days in order to successfully complete the challenge.

Naked and Afraid season 12 featured several memorable contestants, including Andrew, whom some may know from his The Amazing Race season 3 stint. Though he was eliminated early on The Amazing Race, finishing in 10th place, Andrew returned to reality TV after many years, to try his hand at Naked and Afraid in 2021. After a promising start with his partner Elizabeth Hensley in the South African desert, Andrew was ultimately removed from the competition after 13 days, due to a possible MRSA infection. With his first time on the show somewhat disappointing, Andrew made an appearance during Naked and Afraid season 15, to try his hand again.

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Kentucky Native Andrew Works With Homeless Youth

Andrew, who joined a team of three contestants on Naked and Afraid season 15, is the Development Director for Arbor Youth Services. He’s also a comic book author, according to Andrew‘s Instagram bio. The non-profit helps children who are dealing with abuse or abandonment, and Andrew posts frequently about the organization, and the meaningful work he does for it. Outside his Naked and Afraid fame and non-profit work, Andrew writes comic books with adult themes, showing off yet another facet of his personality. He lives in Lexington, Kentucky, and frequently posts about local events, as well as the many trips he takes all over the globe.

His most recent appearance on Naked and Afraid is much different than his season 12 stint. Andrew has been heavily promoting his newest episode of the show on local media, in his home state, Kentucky. While appearing on several news channels and morning programs, Andrew’s enthusiasm for the episode was clear. He talked about his experience, and teased his time on Naked and Afraid. As Andrew had to leave the show involuntarily during his first attempt, his redemption episode was highly anticipated. It proved to be a much better experience for the reality TV veteran.

With the Survivor-like qualities of Naked and Afraid, it’s obvious why the show has lasted as long as it has. Survivalists are not the only group that enjoys watching people brave the elements. Plus, the human stories that Naked and Afraid tells through its episodes are poignant and interesting. The series provides a look into the choices people make in some of the most difficult circumstances. With contestants like Andrew returning for second rounds, the show may keep viewers hooked for a long time to come.

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