Abbey Humphreys played a large role in the final installment of Perfect Match episodes, and she’s sharing more information about what she’s up to now. As a cast member on Twentysomethings: Austin, Abbey was one of the more low-profile contestants to join the house that featured Netflix reality TV stars from shows including Too Hot To Handle, Love Is Blind, The Circle, and The Mole. However, that didn’t stop Abbey from looking for love and making connections.


Perfect Match’s Abbey Humphreys was one of 23 cast members who appeared on the show’s first season. She entered the show late as a blind date for Francesca Farago, and immediately voiced her crush on the reality TV show villain. However, Abbey broke things off with Francesca when she discovered Francesca was making out with her friend Kariselle Snow behind her back. Abbey then pursued a romance with Love Is Blind villain Bartise Bowden. It resulted in them having a very messy breakup when he left her for Izzy Fairthorne, and used what she told him in confidence against her. Abbey ended the show single, though she always respectfully stood up for herself and held her ground.

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Who Is Abbey Humphreys Dating After Perfect Match?

Bartise Bowden and Abby Humphreys Perfect Match

Abbey was previously married at age 20, and divorced five years later. The Perfect Match season 1 cast member appears to know what she wants in a future relationship, which is something she has not yet been able to find. However, Abbey most definitely didn’t go back to her Perfect Match exes Francesca or Bartise after filming. Abbey appears to be fully single one year after the show was filmed, according to her Instagram. However, she seems to be thriving as a confident single woman who won’t settle for less. Since she also spent half of her twenties married, Abbey also might be enjoying dating around and discovering herself without a partner. Meanwhile, she is interested in openly dating both men and women in the future.

Which Perfect Match Cast Members Is Abbey Humphreys Close With?

Abbey clearly walked away from Perfect Match season 1 on terrible terms with Bartise. However, she appeared to make some great friendships while on the show. Abbey shared a post from the premiere of Perfect Match with the caption, “daddy netflix ily u always slay.” She appears to be particularly close to French beauty Ines Tazi and Chloe Veitch. Numerous cast members commented on Abbey’s post including Colony Reeves, Mitchell Eason, and Diamond Jack. Kariselle commented, “YOURE SO CUTE,” indicating that the Perfect Match cast is supportive of each other.

What’s Next For Abbey Humphreys After Perfect Match?

Abbey might not have been the most well-known cast member on Perfect Match, but she is picking up more recognition since the show. She now has approaching 150K Instagram followers, and what appears to be a great working relationship with Netflix. Abbey is still close with her fellow Perfect Match season 1 cast members. Though she didn’t have the biggest role on the show, Abbey came across as level-headed and likable during her episodes. Since she is still single, she could easily return for Perfect Match season 2 or perhaps a second season of Twentysomethings: Austin, given her praise on Netflix and natural ease on reality TV.

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