• The Creed movies provide insight into the fates of beloved Rocky characters like Rocky Balboa, Ivan Drago, and Mary Anne Creed, offering closure to their storylines.
  • While Rocky Balboa’s fate is currently unknown in Creed III, it is likely that he is in Canada, as he visits his son there at the end of Creed II.
  • Characters like Tony “Duke” Evers and Spider Rico are presumed dead, with Tony Burton, who played Duke, having passed away in 2016, and a deleted scene from Creed II hinting at Spider Rico’s funeral.

The Rocky franchise’s many iconic characters are some of the most beloved figures in cinema, causing many to wonder what happened to them after the Rocky series concluded. Rocky Balboa was the sixth and final mainline Rocky film, with the 2006 movie wrapping up the story of many of Rocky‘s characters. Luckily, the three spin-off Creed movies have given some major insight as to what happened to seven of the characters from the Rocky movies, so here is everything we know about the fate of these characters, including where they were last seen and what they are up to now.

Although the Creed movies do put original characters in the spotlight, plenty of legacy Rocky mainstays make a return throughout the three films. Characters like Rocky, Mary Anne Creed, and Ivan Drago return in significant roles, while other characters merely make cameo appearances. Other Rocky characters are mentioned in the Creed movies, although not seen on screen, only hinting at their fates. Since Rocky Balboa left room for a sequel, not every character’s story was wrapped up, leading to the Creed movies having to conclude some of these arcs.

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8 Rocky Balboa

Sylvester Stallone in Rocky Balboa wearing a jacket and fedora in a chilly outdoor scene with industrial buildings and scraggly brush in the background

Rocky Balboa is the main protagonist of the Rocky movies, with the Italian Stallion going from a street-level boxer to an international superstar throughout the six Rocky movies. Luckily, the boxer’s story didn’t end after the events of Rocky Balboa, with him returning in Creed. Creed reveals that the retired boxer has continued working at Adrian’s restaurant, with him getting back into the boxing game in order to train Adonis Creed, the son of his former rival. Although Rocky did have lymphoma in the first Creed, he seems to have recovered, with him continuing to act as Adonis’ trainer in Creed II.

Interestingly, there are still some questions surrounding Rocky’s whereabouts. Rocky Balboa didn’t appear in Creed III, and with the film not making any mention of his fate, nobody is really sure where Sylvester Stallone’s character is. Some have speculated that Rocky died, while others have theorized that he stayed in Philadelphia when Adonis and Bianca moved to LA. However, it seems most likely that Rocky is in Canada. At the end of Creed II, Rocky visits his son, Robert Balboa Jr., in Canada, ending the film on a bittersweet note. This is the last time Rocky is seen, implying that he could still be there during Creed IV.

7 Tony “Duke” Evers

Tony Duke Evers in Rocky

Tony “Duke” Evers started out as the trainer of Apollo Creed in the original Rocky, with him later helping out Rocky Balboa after the death of Apollo. Although Duke reappears in Rocky Balboa, he hasn’t appeared in any of the Creed movies, with him instead passing the torch to his son, Tony “Little Duke” Evers. Although the Creed movies haven’t explicitly explained where Duke is, it seems likely that his character is dead, as Duke actor Tony Burton passed away in February 2016.

6 Ivan Drago

Viktor and Ivan Drago in Creed 2

Ivan Drago is the villain in Rocky IV, with him being one of the most fearsome boxers in the franchise. The fighter returned in Creed II, with him being the trainer of his son and the main antagonist of Creed II, Viktor Drago. Ivan Drago’s life had fallen to shambles since his defeat at the hands of Rocky Balboa, with his country and his wife turning their backs on him. Ivan saw Viktor as his chance to redeem himself, although it didn’t work out. Despite Viktor having returned in Creed III, Ivan hasn’t been seen since Creed II, although he will be in the upcoming Drago spin-off movie.

5 Ludmilla Drago

Ludmilla Drago in Creed II

Ludmilla Drago is the ex-wife of Ivan Drago and the mother of Viktor Drago, with her also returning in Creed II. After the events of Rocky IV, Ludmilla divorced the disgraced Russian boxer, leaving the lives of Ivan and Viktor. However, Ludmilla returned in Creed II, hoping to see Viktor’s victory over Adonis. Tragically, Ludmilla gets up and leaves mid-fight when Viktor starts to lose, emotionally throwing him off and allowing Adonis to win. Ludmilla Drago presumably returned to Russia, once again removing herself from the lives of Ivan and Viktor.

4 Mary Anne Creed

Mary Anne Creed looking concerned in Creed

Mary Anne Creed is the wife of Apollo Creed, with her appearing in the original Rocky as well as its sequels. The Creed movies reveal that Mary Anne was hurt by Apollo’s infidelity, with him cheating on Mary Anne with all kinds of women. Mary Anne managed to track down a young Adonis at a boys’ home, taking him in as her own. Mary Anne was supportive of Adonis as he rose through the circuit, with her being seen alongside Bianca and Amara throughout the three films. However, Mary Anne had a stroke in the time between Creed II and Creed III, with her later dying from a second stroke.

3 Robert Balboa, Jr.

Robert Balboa Jr in Creed II

Robert Balboa, Jr. is the son of Rocky, and although Rocky was a loving father, their relationship faltered starting with Rocky Balboa. The Creed movies revealed that Rocky and Robert’s relationship got even worse in the years between the two films, with Rocky having not seen his son in years by the time of Creed II‘s story. Creed II also reveals that Robert has moved to Canada and had a child of his own, with Rocky reuniting with his son at the end of the film.

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2 Spider Rico

Rocky and Spider Rico fight

Spider Rico is a lesser-known Rocky character, with him being the first opponent Rocky is seen fighting in the original film. Spider returns in Rocky Balboa, with the intellectually disabled boxer getting a job at Adrian’s, keeping him close to Rocky. Interestingly, a deleted scene from Creed II showed Rocky going to Spider’s funeral, confirming his death. Although the scene was deleted, it doesn’t seem like Spider Rico will be reappearing anytime soon, meaning that the character is probably still dead.

1 Jacob “Stitch” Duran

Jacob Stitch Duran in Creed

Jacob “Stitch” Duran is another lesser-known Rocky character, but he is interestingly only one of two Rocky characters to appear in all three Creed films, with the other one being Mary Anne Creed. Duran started out as the cutman for Rocky in Rocky Balboa, with the actor being a real-life boxing cutman. Although his role is incredibly small, Jacob “Stitch” Duran has reappeared as a member of Adonis’ corner team in all three Creed movies, with him seemingly getting consistent work ever since the last Rocky movie.

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