Snapchat+ subscribers may sometimes see the eyes emoji under their Stories, but what does it mean? Snapchat+ brings a number of exclusive features to subscribers, including a Snapchat+ badge on their profile, the ability to pin a friend as their #1 BFF, Priority Story Replies, Friend Solar Systems, Post View Emoji, exclusive Bitmoji backgrounds, and much more.


As explained by Snapchat, the 👀 (eyes emoji) is the Rewatch Indicator that shows up under Stories for Snapchat+ subscribers. Users will also see a number next to the eyes emoji, denoting the total number of friends that have rewatched the Story. It’s worth noting that the Rewatch Indicator doesn’t reveal how many times a Story has been rewatched. The feature is available for My Story, Private Stories, and Shared Stories.

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The Eyes Emoji Is The Rewatch Indicator

Snapchat+ Story Rewatch count

The Rewatch Indicator may not be the most exciting feature, but it is one of the more thoughtful additions to the Snapchat+ suite for paying members. It could be especially interesting for users who post a lot of Stories regularly, as it lets them know which ones are being appreciated by their friends or subscribers on the platform.

It’s worth noting that the Rewatch Indicator doesn’t reveal the name of friends who have rewatched a story. This is in marked contrast to other Stories stats. For example, swiping up on a Story will reveal the names of users who have watched a Story, denoted by a single eye. It will also indicate which users have taken a screenshot of their Story, if any. The screenshot indicator looks like an arrowhead with three dots. If a friend has taken a screenshot of a story, this indicator will appear next to their name.

While the Story views and screenshot indicator is available to all Snapchat users, the Rewatch Indicator will only appear for Snapchat+ subscribers. If users have an active subscription but don’t see the indicator, they might need to turn it on in settings. To do this, tap the profile picture and then select the Snapchat+ membership card at the top. Turn on the toggle next to ‘Story Rewatch Count‘ and the eyes emoji should now appear under Snapchat Stories.

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