• Jen and Joey initially struggled to connect due to their lack of authenticity and feelings for Dawson, but they eventually became true friends.
  • Their friendship began to blossom in Dawson’s Creek season 3 when they were no longer amidst Dawson’s complicated love triangle.
  • Despite some bumps along the way, Jen and Joey’s friendship thrived and grew, ultimately reaching a full-circle moment in the series finale.

Jen Lindley and Joey Potter had a rocky start when they first met in Capeside, but many things changed for these two women during Dawson’s Creek. Jen was a big city girl, and both Pacey Witter and Dawson Leery were infatuated with her as soon as she got out of the taxi. Of course, Joey hadn’t admitted her feelings for Dawson yet. This could have all been avoided if she had been honest with herself and Dawson, but what fun would that be in a teen drama?

Joey was needlessly rude to Jen, but Jen was also not being her authentic self. And she wasn’t telling anyone the truth about why she was sent there or the trauma she had been through. Neither young women could connect with each other until they braced their true selves.

After Jen & Joey Put Dawson Behind Them, Their Friendship Started

Jen and Joey sitting at school on Dawson's Creek

While Jen and Joey had friendly moments after Jen lost Abby Morgan, it wasn’t until Dawson’s Creek season 3 that the two truly started to become friends. They didn’t have Dawson coming between them anymore. As with most teen dramas, the group is thrown together, even if not everyone is friendly. This put Jen and Joey together more, but also on more neutral ground. A big connection moment during this time was when Joey encouraged Jen to talk to her mom since she didn’t know how much time she could have with her mother. Joey was speaking from her experience of losing her own mother.

A big turning point was when Andie McPhee encouraged a girls’ night out with herself, Joey and Jen in Dawson’s Creek season 3, episode 18. As Andie pointed out, they didn’t really hang out with other girls and were missing that female bonding. Her persistence got both Jen and Joey to agree to this. Andie’s persistence is definitely one of her best traits. This led to Jen offering an ear for Joey to talk about Pacey. Jen ended up being a good person Joey could confide in. For all their differences and past issues, they were finally friends.

They Admitted They Were Friends At Jen’s Unbirthday Party

Jen and Joey in Dawson's Creek Future Tense episode

Joey was pretty drunk in Dawson’s Creek season 4, episode 4, because she was upset about being fourth in her class. Nevertheless, she toasts Jen on her birthday, calling them friends. But of course, it wasn’t her birthday, and Joey joked, “I mean, we’re not really friends… I’m just kidding.” She goes on to say she can’t pinpoint when they became friends. Jen stops her from delving too far into it because “then we’ll remember why we’re supposed to hate each other.” Jen is clearly acknowledging their shaky past, but both are content with where their relationship ended up.

Later in the season, Jen takes Joey to New York City. It’s something that could have been unfathomable just in season three. Jen had an enormous breakthrough in dealing with her childhood trauma, and it turned out good that Joey was there with her. Jen needed a supportive friend, and Joey stepped into that role while Jen faced her past. This continued to show how much their friendship kept growing.

Jen & Joey’s Friendship Continued To Grow in Seasons 5 & 6

Joey, Audrey and Jen Dawson's Creek

Joey and Jen both ended up in Boston after high school. They went to different schools, but Grams kept the group close by having weekly dinners. This helped keep the group close, and also Jen and Joey. Of course, it helped that they were all in a new city, so staying close benefited them all.

Joey and Jen had one bump in season 5 when Dawson lost his virginity to Jen. Everyone thought it would be Joey. After the initial shock, Joey was happy that Jen could be there for Dawson after his father died when she couldn’t. It proved how far they had come because Dawson didn’t come between them again. Instead, Joey was relieved, as much as she hated that feeling.

Jen was also concerned about Joey when she was interested in Charley Todd. It wasn’t without merit. Charlie had played Jen and another woman. It caused some tension, but it was all out of love. There was very little tension between Jen and Joey in the final two seasons, which was good since the fans didn’t want to see Jen and Joey feuding anymore.

Their friendship came full circle when Joey once again confided in Jen about Pacey in the Dawson’s Creek series finale, but the audience didn’t know Joey was talking about Pacey yet. Jen made it her dying wish for Joey to stop running and be with the person she believed she was supposed to be with. If it were Dawson that Joey chose, like how the finale was originally scripted, it would never have been a full-circle moment for these two.

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