Even though life has changed significantly for Welcome to Plathville star Kim Plath, she was still able to celebrate Mother’s Day with her children by her side. It has been a rocky road since she split from her husband, Barry Plath, and their kids had a difficult time processing their new reality. The mother of nine has gone her own way, creating a new life for herself, but the close bond she has with her younger kids remains.


Recently, Kim’s questionable and surprising behavior put her in a negative light and had the potential to negatively impact her relationship with her kids. From Kim’s DUI last October to her new boyfriend, Kenneth Palmer, the matriarch of the Plath family is barely recognizable from the woman she used to be. However, her new lease on life hasn’t tarnished her role as a mom when it comes to her younger kids on Welcome to Plathville.

Kim Plath Celebrated Mother’s Day

It may come as a surprise since Kim has been out of the picture on Welcome to Plathville and recent social media posts, but her daughter Lydia Plath posted a photo celebrating her mom on Mother’s Day. Kim looked happier than ever with her younger children, Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy Plath, by her side. They showered her with love, flowers, and a beautiful necklace. Lydia captioned the photo, “Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mother. Always sweet when we’re together!”

Kim Plath Still Spends Time With Her Kids

Although the entire Plath family no longer lives under the same roof on Welcome to Plathville, Kim still spends time with her kids. It’s unknown what her parenting arrangement is like with Barry, but Lydia made it clear in a recent YouTube video that her mom is still very much involved in their lives. However, she did admit that due to schedules and time constraints, she doesn’t get to see Kim nearly as much as she would like to.

Lydia also explained that a reason her mom isn’t in many photos is that she forgets to regularly take pictures, and it isn’t an indication of her absence. Even though Lydia only gets to see her mom whenever time allows, her younger sisters get to see her quite often, and she’s an integral part of their lives. Although the controversial Welcome to Plathville star has fans divided over her behavior, she hasn’t fallen out of favor with her younger kids.

When Welcome to Plathville returns, there’s no doubt anything will be the same, but the new season will most likely give a glimpse into what life is like for the Plath family now. It will be interesting to see how all the kids are handling life in the aftermath of their parent’s separation and the revelation of their mom’s new boyfriend. Despite all the twists and turns, Kim is still trying to maintain an active presence, all while continuing to find herself for better or worse.

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