Fuller House has many inconsistencies, but a weird fan theory about Michelle could explain them. This revival of the beloved sitcom Full House has managed to recapture some of the charm of the original show, but it is not without its flaws. One of the most significant issues is the numerous inconsistencies that fans have pointed out. The show is far less subtle than its predecessor, with humor that is often over-the-top and sometimes downright silly plotlines. Many relationships could be better developed, coming out of nowhere or following illogical paths.

In addition, plot difficulties are glossed over even more than usual for a family sitcom, and most of the series relies heavily on nostalgia rather than building a future for the characters. Despite its flaws, Fuller House has been a hit with fans of the original show, despite it being darker in some ways than Full House. Many of the actors from the original series returned to reprise their roles, and the show managed to maintain the wholesome tone of the original. However, the show has faced criticism for its inconsistent plot lines and details.

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Fuller House Exists in Michelle’s Mind – Theory Explained

The Fuller House revival on Netflix has been a hit with fans of the original Full House, but numerous discrepancies beset it. However, one fan theory by Reddit user DrewwwBjork suggests that these issues are explained by the show being Michelle’s coma dream. While this theory may seem far-fetched, it is an interesting idea that adds an extra layer of depth to the show.

Michelle’s horse-riding accident in Full House season 8, episode 24 left her in a coma for an unknown length of time. This is one of the few episodes where both Olsen twins appear onscreen in Full House together during her coma. Therefore, it is entirely plausible that during this time, she had dreams featuring her childhood memories, which became the basis for the events and characters in Fuller House. This theory could even explain Michelle’s absence from Fuller House, as her dream world would not necessarily include herself. This would explain why the other characters rarely mention Michelle and the heavy reliance on nostalgia in the show.

Why Fuller House’s Michelle Coma Theory Makes Sense

Fuller House, a revival of the beloved original, has its merits but also some inconsistencies. One of the most noticeable of these is how relationships that don’t quite fit with the original storylines are neatly resolved. For instance, Jesse reunites with his band, the Rippers, despite their fallout in the original show, which seems like a kid’s wish-fulfillment scenario. Similarly, DJ’s reunion with her high-school boyfriend, Steve, doesn’t quite ring true.

Another area for improvement in Fuller House is DJ’s personality change, as she becomes a copy of her father, Danny Tanner. This could be attributed to her trauma from losing her husband, but it could also be seen as a younger sibling’s view of a strict older sister. Additionally, Jesse and Becky’s adoption of a baby girl goes smoothly even though they are in their 50s, despite the complications this can raise for the process with some agencies. The Fuller House series finale also involves three weddings in which her DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy happily marry. This is a romanticized happy ending, which makes sense for an eight-year-old child to imagine.

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Why Fuller House’s Michelle Theory May Not Work

Michelle Tanner Fuller House

Michelle was just eight years old when Full House ended; at that age, she had a limited understanding of adult lives and reality. The show dealt with complex issues, such as the love lives of the adults and Stephanie’s infertility struggles, which would be difficult for Michelle to comprehend fully. For instance, Michelle wouldn’t have been able to understand the Fuller House love triangle between Steve, DJ, and Matt in detail. Similarly, the concept of surrogacy and infertility would have been over her head. Michelle would also be unlikely to dream something like DJ’s husband dying, as she had direct experience with how sad it is to lose a parent.

Moreover, the way in which Michelle is referenced throughout the show contradicts the coma theory. Michelle’s family sends her voice messages, which is an odd thing to happen in a dream. While she might dream of having a career in fashion in Fuller House, she likely wouldn’t dream of others talking about it. Therefore, it is more likely for Fuller House to exist in its own reality rather than as a figment of Michelle’s coma dream. Michelle’s limited understanding of adult lives and the way in which she is referred to in the show suggests that the show didn’t originate in Michelle’s brain.

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