Wednesday season 1 dived into the relationship between Wednesday and her mother, Morticia, and now season 2 can do the same for Gomez. The Addams Family characters are already familiar to audiences from decades of adaptations, but Wednesday has put a unique spin on their relationships. Season 1 revealed how Wednesday feared becoming too much like her mother and suffered under the pressure to do so. However, the titular Nevermore student’s relationship with her father was hardly explored – and season 2 needs to change this.


From what was seen of Gomez Addams in Wednesday season 1, he is much the same as in previous screen adaptations of the Addams Family. As passionate as he is strange, it’s clear that Gomez adores his daughter. Though Wednesday doesn’t show it much, she seems to appreciate how he brought her up, but she can also suffer under his overt displays of affection. Still, little was said about their dynamic in season 1 to leave room for the development of Wednesday’s relationship with Morticia. So now, in Wednesday season 2, it might be Gomez’s time to shine as a father.

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Wednesday & Morticia Worked Things Out – Now It’s Gomez’s Turn

Jenna Ortega; Luis Guzman; Catherine Zeta Jones, and Isaac Ordonez in Wednesday

Wednesday season 2 introduced a version of the titular character that has psychic abilities, a gift that she inherited from her mother. Morticia was excited at the prospect of her daughter attending Nevermore Academy and developing the ability that connected them, but Wednesday resented this. Of course, this began to change over her first term at the school for outcasts. The two were able to come to an understanding – Morticia learned to let up the pressure and expectation, while Wednesday learned that she could share experiences with her mother and still be her own person.

This was a new dynamic for Wednesday and Morticia since no such conflict was ever explored in the Addams Family comics or screen adaptations. It added a lot of flavor to their personalities and made them a tad more relatable as a real-life mother-and-daughter relationship. In comparison, Wednesday’s relationship with Gomez now seems a little flat. He adores his daughter (which is clear from his many colorful pet names), but that is so far all there is to it. So, with Wednesday and Morticia on the same page, Wednesday season 2 can develop the relationship between father and daughter.

Wednesday Season 2 Details Suggest Gomez Plays A Bigger Role

Composite image of Wednesday dancing and Gomez Addams

Thankfully, the few details revealed about Wednesday season 2 point to Gomez Addams getting a little more of the spotlight. In an interview about his role as Gomez, actor Luis Guzmán (via Screen Rant) has revealed that he will be dancing and sword fighting in season 2. These are two skills that the original Gomez was known for, so seeing this brought to Netflix’s new version of the character is sure to please long-time fans. Of course, these are also talents that the Wednesday protagonist has in common with her father.

It’s unclear what the circumstances of Gomez’s dancing and sword fighting will be, but it would be great to see Wednesday participating in the fun with her father. A sparring match would mean a look into the relationship between this unique father-daughter duo, likely with a brutality that only they could bring. Additionally, the famous dance scene from Wednesday season 1 can be a stepping stone for other such moments, this time featuring Guzmán and his charming portrayal of Gomez. Regardless of the circumstances, it will be fun to see where his character goes in Wednesday season 2.

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