New Wednesday fan art shows the character’s evolution as it compares Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday design to her new animated counterpart. The Addams Family had several remakes since the original comic strip created by Charles Addam, with each adaption adding its twist. The 2019 animated film saw the gothic family brought to life through CGI, while Netflix’s Wednesday series adapts The Addams Family world into a modern setting, with a new focus on Wednesday Addams.


A fan art, posted by @h4ku281 on Instagram, compares Ortega’s Wednesday to the new animated design, highlighting the similarities between the two adaptions. Both designs stay true to Wednesday’s dark appearance, with her black wardrobe and signature braids, but there are subtle differences. See how the two designs compare below:

In Wednesday, Ortega was styled in modern clothing with small changes to her hair that made her more stylish. The animated design stayed simple, drawing inspiration from the original comic with a young, dull Wednesday.

Wednesday’s Style Evolution

Wednesday sitting in the car

Although Wednesday’s signature look has stayed fairly consistent from one iteration to the next, each adaption has put its twist on the iconic character design. In the original The Addams Family comic strip, Wednesday has a simple look, barely capturing her gothic style with flat braids and a classic collared dress. The animated movie follows suit for this design, keeping Wednesday plain, relying on her deadpan face to show her personality.

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Netflix’s Wednesday had a very different approach, as it redesigned Wednesday Addams into a fashionable teenager. The character still has her dark wardrobe and braids, but her shoes are Prada, while her outfit is layered and stylish. Ortega revealed that Wednesday’s hair was a big priority for Tim Burton – the series executive producer – with his addition of chic new bangs. Wednesday’s style upgrade in the series looks better to modern audiences, but it keeps the classic gothic elements that make Wednesday an Addams.

While every remake has its own vision for Wednesday Addams, none have dared change her signature look. Wednesday’s braids and wardrobe have been consistent throughout every adaption, as she has one of the most recognizable character features. While the animated film only made subtle changes to her style, Netflix’s Wednesday was a complete redesign that stayed true to the character and who she was.

Source: h4ku281/Instagram

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