While the entire cast of Netflix’s Wednesday boasts some amazing outfits, from Enid’s fluffy pink coat to the blood-soaked gowns of the Rave’N, Wednesday in particular has a series of unique outfits that emphasize her personality and character. Wednesday is a drama and mystery series starring Jenna Ortega as the infamous Wednesday Addams. The show follows Wednesday as she begins attending Nevermore Academy and stumbles upon a variety of secrets that need unraveling.

Long before Netflix made Wednesday, the beloved Addams Family daughter was known for her iconic black dress with the white collar and long, dark braids. Therefore, when creating Wednesday it was likely integral to create a sense of style for the character that reflected her youth, her priorities, and her personality. In this way, Wednesday is never seen out of black but ranges from formal wear to comfy late-night looks to outfits for scheming and solving mysteries. The following outfits make up everything Wednesday wears throughout season 1 of the series.



16 The Morgue Look

Wednesday Morgue Outfit

In episode 4 of Wednesday, the titular character dons an all-black, spy-like outfit to sneak into the Jericho coroner’s office to investigate the monster’s newest victim. In classic Wednesday style, this layered look is made for comfort and utility. Along with her iconic braids, Wednesday wears a black turtleneck, a black cardigan sweater, black pants, and a puffy black vest. This outfit not only protects her from the autumn chill outdoors but also allows her to move freely as she and Thing search for clues and hide from the coroner. This look is a simple example of a Wednesday outfit.

15 Small Stripes And Vest Outfit

Wednesday and Xavier

One of Wednesday’s more unique looks that appears only once during Wednesday episode 6 is her small stripes and vest outfit. While visiting Xavier in his studio, Wednesday wears a black sweater with thin white stripes and her classic puffy black vest over it, along with black pants and boots. Once again, this outfit has a sense of utility to it as it keeps her warm during cold nights of investigation and allows her to move around without restraint. Plus, this look shows off Wednesday’s shiny, black nails which are the perfect detail to complete her overall style.

14 Checkered Sweaters

Wednesday Checkered Sweater

A Wednesday outfit choice that perfectly reflects Wednesday’s youth is her two checkered sweaters worn in episodes 5, 6, and 7. The first sweater is a loose, checkered sweater vest which she wears with a stiff, high-collared shirt during her attempt to free her father from prison during parents’ weekend. The second sweater is still checkered but thicker with a short sleeve and paired with a black turtleneck as she searches the Nightshade Library with Uncle Fester. Both sweaters emphasize a more Gen Z type of style due to their pattern and sweater vest form but stay true to Wednesday’s dark manner.

13 The Enid Crochet Snood Look

Wednesday Enid and Tyler

During Wednesday episode 6, Wednesday, Enid, and Tyler break into the abandoned Gates house hoping to find evidence that will help solve the case, and while they’re searching for clues, Wednesday is giving her classic Addams look with an extra surprise. In this scene, Wednesday wears a typical black and white sweater with her beloved puffy black vest and a black and white snood crocheted by Enid. The girls wear their snoods around their heads, adding a bit of fun to their plan, plus, Wednesday wearing the scarf shows her strengthening bond with Enid.

12 Black Dress With Lace Collar

Wednesday Episode 8

In the ending of Wednesday season 1, the titular character wears a pretty variation on the iconic Wednesday Addams look. Where the character is known for her simple black dress and white collar, Wednesday wears a slightly sheer black dress, black tights, and a white lace collar and sleeves. The addition of the lace gives a modern and different appearance to a familiar and well-loved costume. Plus, the outfit has the clean, sweet look of a happy ending, which works well after the dark events of the episode. Overall, it’s a beautiful and inspired outfit.

11 Episode 1 Flower Print Dress

Wednesday Episode 1

Another outfit that Wednesday uses as an homage to its iconic character is Wednesday’s first outfit of the series. As Wednesday terrorizes the bullies at her high school by throwing piranhas into the swimming pool, she dons a simple black dress with a subtle white flower pattern and a white collar. Not only does this dress evoke the familiar visuals of Wednesday Addams as a character, but it is also reminiscent of a dress Christina Ricci wore as Wednesday in The Addams Family Values. This outfit perfectly sets the ambiance of the rest of the series.

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10 Stripes (And A Big Hoodie)

Wednesday Stripes

One of Wednesday’s most common clothing patterns is black and white stripes, and she wears them often throughout the season in different forms. In particular, she has a plain striped shirt, one with buttons in the front, and a striped sweater with a bow at the neckline. Along with these shirts, Wednesday is often seen with an oversized hoodie or platform sneakers, giving her a cool, casual look. These are Wednesday’s most comfortable outfits, and she wears them to the carnival in Wednesday episode 1, while playing the cello on the roof, and while doing her investigating. These shirts have become iconic to Netflix’s Wednesday.

9 Pre-Rave’N Scheming Outfit

Wednesday Episode 4

Although the Rave’N is one of the most iconic parts of Wednesday season 1, the main character almost didn’t attend the dance at all. Planning to meet Eugene by the cave where they believed the monster would be, Wednesday dresses for a scheme in a black turtleneck, black pants, and a cropped leather jacket. Of Wednesday’s many mystery-solving outfits, this one is certainly one of the coolest, although it isn’t worn for longer than a single scene, as Wednesday is whisked off to the Rave’N. Despite its brevity, this chic look is one of Wednesday’s best.

8 Wednesday’s Traveling Coat

Wednesday Morticia Gomez

While Wednesday’s clothes lean away from being overly dressy or feminine, this coat from Wednesday episode 1 is a very cute piece from the character’s wardrobe. As Morticia and Gomez bring Wednesday to Nevermore, she dons a black silk coat with small flowers on it, similar to the dress she wears during the opening scenes of the series. Although the coat’s detailing is very pretty and sweet, it’s subtle enough for the tough Wednesday to get away with, and additionally, it hints at how style is a priority in the Addams Family. It only appeared once during the season, but could hopefully make a return in Wednesday season 2.

7 Black Fencing Outfit

Wednesday Fencing

Some of the best outfits in Wednesday are those that are out of the ordinary, and the all-black fencing uniform Wednesday wears in episode 1 is included in that group. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Wednesday shows off her fencing skills on her first day at Nevermore, taking on the siren Bianca. Where the other students are dressed in the typical white fencing uniform, Wednesday stays true to herself and wears black. In this look, she looks foreboding and entirely different from her peers, which is definitely on brand for the character.

6 Nevermore Uniform

Wednesday Nevermore Uniform

Likely her most worn outfit, Wednesday’s Nevermore uniform stands out for its uniqueness. While the Nevermore outcasts wear blue and purple, Wednesday has drab black and gray. By giving her an outfit different from everyone else’s, Wednesday immediately proves that the main character refuses to fit in and will do things her way only. Despite the bleak colors, Wednesday’s Nevermore uniform is one of her best go-to looks and appears in different ways: completely buttoned and neat, stripped to a sweater vest and shirt sleeves, or accessorized with a long, dark coat. The uniform is a memorable look that sets Wednesday apart from other Addams Family content.

5 Tyler Date Look

Wednesday Episode 7

Wednesday episode 7 puts the titular character through a variety of emotional highs and lows, from her date with Tyler to Thing’s near death, however, through it all, Wednesday’s outfit is perfect. She wears a black and white checkered shirt with a sleek, black sports-like jacket. In this look, Wednesday looks especially like a teenager, which works well for such scenes where she is experiencing romance and tragedy. Wearing this outfit, Wednesday is not her witty, intelligent self but a young girl who can still be manipulated and betrayed by those she thinks she can trust. In this way, it is fashionable and symbolic.

4 Leather Jacket Interrogation Look

Wednesday Interrogation

Wednesday’s most chic and impressive investigation look is the one she wears during Wednesday’s season finale when she goes off-script and tries to interrogate Tyler herself. The outfit is made up of a black turtleneck, a black and white gingham shirt, and a cool leather jacket. The patterns of the outfit work seamlessly to make Wednesday appear intimidating and in charge of the situation, though she is often thwarted throughout the episode. This outfit mixes teenage style with dark intentions to create the ideal interrogation look. Although she is arguably at her lowest here, she still looks fashionable doing it.

3 Pilgrim World Costume

Wednesday Pilgrim

The most obvious outfit that is inspired by past Addams Family content is Wednesday’s Pilgrim World outfit. Christina Ricci and Jenna Ortega’s Wednesdays parallel as Ricci donned an American Indian outfit in Addams Family Values before causing chaos among the other children, while Ortega wears a traditional pilgrim costume wherein she begins stirring the pot at Pilgrim World, uncovering information that no one wants her to discover. Once again, because of how extraordinary the costume is, it’s a definite favorite for Wednesday. It emphasizes her dark look, evokes memories of her ancestor Goody Addams, and is overall pleasing to the eye.

2 Poe Tournament Outfit

Wednesday Addams Enid Sinclair Poe Cup Race Canoe The Black Cat

Despite being all work and very little play, Wednesday Addams can at least look playful from time to time, and the Poe Tournament costume proves that. As Wednesday competes alongside Enid in the Poe Tournament, she wears a black suit, similar to that of a spy, with cat ears and drawn-on whiskers. The effect is an adorable yet deadly look that is perfect for movement while being stylish at the same time. This is definitely one of Wednesday’s best looks because it is so out of the ordinary for her yet still aligns with her dark personal style. The outfit is a balancing act of dark usefulness and cute girlishness.

1 Rave’N Dress

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in Wednesday episode four wearing black dress on dance floor

Wednesday’s biggest fashion shock and overall best outfit choice is the vintage, black Rave’N dress. Wednesday stuns not only Nevermore but audiences too as she appears in the gothic gown, with her hair arranged into milkmaid braids. The outfit is beautiful but also unique and a step outside of Wednesday’s comfort zone, as the entire dance really is. The gown, along with Wednesday’s dance moves, makes the Rave’N one of the series’ most iconic moments and opens the door for more fashion risks in Wednesday’s future. For this reason, it is the best Wednesday outfit to date.

While Netflix’s Wednesday has many things going for it, from storylines to nostalgia, the series definitely goes above and beyond with its costuming and visuals. Though it may seem like a small thing, Wednesday’s outfits express who she is as a character and help secure her personality. From checkered sweaters to silly snoods, the fashion of Wednesdaydoes plenty of important work in solidifying the show. With all of these outfits in mind, audiences should anticipate whatever looks Wednesday has in store next season.

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