The next game in the Resident Evil franchise should take the series back to its roots, using the old-school techniques from the first five games.

Throughout the last few years, the Resident Evil franchise has been remaking its older games, but what the series truly needs is to release a new game created in Resident Evil‘s old-school style. While the previous remake games were released to great reviews and the upcoming Resident Evil 4 Remake is already getting a lot of buzz, a return to classic gameplay in a new Resident Evil game could be a unique and terrifying addition to the franchise that would both please the game’s original fanbase and give newer players the chance to experience a game style they likely haven’t played much before.

While some of the classic Resident Evil games are worth skipping, many are remembered fondly and quite literally helped build the foundations for the survival horror genre. Plus, when Resident Evil tried to infuse itself with more action instead of horror, as it did with Resident Evil 6, the game received a tepid response, proving that people love Resident Evil for its horror elements, not its gunplay. A new Resident Evil game using the franchise’s old-school techniques could be a suspenseful and thrilling experience that differentiates itself from other modern survival horror games.

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Resident Evil’s Fixed Camera Angles Were Extremely Cinematic

Jill Valentine walks into a hallway in Resident Evil 3.

The first five mainline games in the series used fixed camera angles, which was considered a bold move for Resident Evil at the time. While fixed cameras remain a bit polarizing, they worked perfectly for the older Resident Evil games. It allowed the creators to decide how every moment of the game would look, creating a cinematic experience that really boosted the game’s horror elements. A creepy hallway is scary enough, but a creepy hallway seen from a tilted angle that forced players to reach the end without seeing what’s around the corner was downright suspenseful, turning the Resident Evil games into interactive horror movies.

The Tank Controls In Resident Evil Were Brutal, But Rewarding

Jill Valentine escapes a zombie running down a hallway in Resident Evil.

The earlier games were also famous (and infamous) for their tank controls, which helped make the original Resident Evil games extremely scary. Most players agree that tank controls can be confusing and difficult, especially when in a high-pressure situation like trying to evade zombies at every turn. But that pressure and difficulty are exactly what added so much tension to the earlier entries and could be great in a new Resident Evil game, making each moment suspenseful and terrifying because a zombie couldn’t simply be plowed down or easily escaped. Every moment needed to be plotted and planned, further thrusting players into the game’s atmosphere.

In 2021, the game Tormented Souls wanted to recapture the era of ’90s survival horror, bringing back the tank controls and fixed camera angles, but with modern graphics and sound quality. The game was released to mostly positive reviews, proving that there’s still demand for old-school horror games. With Resident Evil already being an established series that has a talented team behind it, a new game could easily find even more success than Tormented Souls, giving players a retro throwback that’s both nostalgic and terrifying.

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