Following a cryptic image shared by Garth himself, Dana Carvey, enthusiasm for Wayne’s World 3 with Mike Myers is back and stronger than ever.

A new post shared by Dana Carvey has reignited hopes for Wayne’s World 3, with the image featuring him and Mike Myers goofing around on the iconic basement set. After starting as a recurring sketch on SNL, Wayne’s World was brought to life as a feature-length comedy film in 1992. Myers and Carvey star as Wayne and Garth, respectively, two unmotivated friends trying to promote their public-access cable show that they produce in Wayne’s basement. The hit film was followed by a sequel in 1993 and the duo recently reprised their roles for a 2021 Super Bowl commercial.

While there have been no official announcements regarding Wayne’s World 3, the latest Instagram post from Carvey has generated some enthusiasm from fans for another sequel.

The post, which includes the caption, “Garth says, ‘I like to paint,'” doesn’t actually confirm that another Wayne’s World adventure is in development, and the image could potentially be an outtake from the duo’s Super Bowl commercial. Regardless, fans are making their desire for a third film known in the post’s comments, with actor Josh Gad summarizing the general sentiment with his much-“liked” comment saying, “Please let it be 3.” Another user writes, “We’re not worthy of a Wayne’s World 3!! But please let it be true! while another comments, “I think the world is ready for a Wayne’s World 3.”

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Could Wayne’s World 3 Ever Happen?

Wayne and Garth in Wayne's World

Wayne’s World 2 didn’t perform as well critically or commercially as the first movie, meaning there wasn’t a ton of momentum for a third movie in the mid-1990s. Later, however, in the mid-2000s, Carvey and Myers would reunite as Wayne and Garth at the MTV Movie Awards and then again several years later for a sketch on SNL. When asked about the possibility of Wayne’s World 3 in 2016, Myers revealed that he was actually open to the idea of exploring an older Wayne and Garth.

Tia Carrere, who played Cassandra in both Wayne’s World movies, also expressed that she would be up for another movie. Carvey, however, has yet to express any genuine interest beyond his joke announcement in 2012 that the movie was getting a sequel but only with puppets. While another Wayne’s World movie hasn’t been officially announced, the recent VOD success of Bill & Ted Face The Music, which came almost 30 years after the previous installment, could potentially signal that another sequel with Myers and Carvey could perform well.

Myers has also recently dropped hints regarding a potential Austin Powers 4, a signal that, in this later stage of his career, he could be more interested in helping these types of legacy projects get off the ground. Carvey’s latest post may not be proof that Wayne’s World 3 is happening, but the response to it certainly suggests that an official announcement would be met with a great deal of enthusiasm.

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