Vanderpump Rules footage of Tom Sandoval’s friendship with Tom Schwartz has just resurfaced, and many viewers are left feeling that Tom Sandoval and his toxic handling of situations has been the main-overlooked problem within the show this entire time. Tom Sandoval is in the hot seat as of late, following his months-long affair with castmate Raquel Leviss, while his now-ex, Ariana Madix, soars in popularity due to her cool handling of the now aptly named “Scandoval” storyline. While past seasons saw cast members referring to Tom Sandoval as a narcissist, Tom was always able to change the narrative.


Regarding poor behavior, VPR viewers are no longer allowing Tom Sandoval off the hook. Case in point, a thread on Reddit, started by gogingerpower, referencing Tom Sandoval’s past treatment of his Schwartz and Sandy’s business partner, Tom Schwartz. “Remembering the time Swartz tried to set up a boundary and Crapdoval immediately withdrew his friendship,” reads the heading, just above several season 9 screenshots. Agreeing, user gl0c0_ stated they were “disgusted at how easily Sandoval threw away their friendship at the slightest boundary. Because he has no empathy, he cannot connect with anyone on a deep level, not even his closest friends.” Other responses included labels such as “toxic” and “narcissist.”

Tom Sandoval Played A Major Role In Tom Schwartz’s Divorce

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney from Vanderpump Rules

Katie Maloney wanted to go into business with her then husband, Tom Schwartz. Tom Schwartz instead opened a bar with Tom Sandoval. When Katie offered to help the men with their bar concept, Tom Sandoval belittled her while Tom Schwartz stood by silent. When season 10 premiered with the announcement that Katie and Tom Schwartz were divorcing, Tom Schwartz’s constant choosing of Tom Sandoval was brought into focus. User mybunnygoboom stated, “I hope in 15-20 years when Schwartz has a mountain of debt and the bars have closed, he will watch this with clarity and see how he treated Katie, and how he gave his loyalty to the wrong person.”

Following Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney’s divorce, Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval finally opened up their bar. However, their bar was hit by a slew of negative reviews due to Tom Sandoval’s affair with Raquel. On top of his now suffering business, Tom Sandoval also has to face his cast, friends, and the ever-growing mob of viewers who have since flooded the internet, pointing out Tom Sandoval’s past and present toxic and narcissistic behaviors. Hopefully, those who are the closest to Tom Sandoval can use this time to speak truths into his life, and with luck, Tom will return to season 11 showing remorse alongside genuine apologies and changed behaviors.

While Tom Sandoval’s relationships are currently shaky, Tom Schwartz’s future is still in the air. Hopefully the reunion will see Tom Schwartz coping to his lesser treatment of Katie with regard to situations involving Tom Sandoval. If Tom Schwartz takes accountability for always going along with Tom Sandoval’s plans, possibly even taking things a bit further by arguing with Tom Sandoval for all the destruction that’s occurred, then Tom Schwartz might just end up fairing well with all involved. Though the cameras are now down, the remaining episodes of Vanderpump Rules season 10, along with its subsequent reunion, are still unfolding, and in true reality television fashion, anything can happen.

Sources: gogingerpower/Reddit, Tom Schwartz/Instagram

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